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Post Options for Custom Post Type

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    I am interested in having the same post options for my custom post type, as I do for the “post” type of post.

    IE what the featured image links to specifically, as I can link the featured images in a post list of a category for the default posts on the post edit page, however my custom post type doesn’t register this section as the posts do.

    How would I add this awesome themeblvd feature to my custom post type, so that when listed it will link the featured image to the full size of image?



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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Matt,

    You’d do it like this:

    function my_post_meta( $setup ) {
        $setup['config']['page'][] = 'your_post_type';
        return $setup;
    add_filter( 'themeblvd_post_meta', 'my_post_meta' );

    And I recently posted a plugin on that incorporates a Portfolio Item custom post type with some associated taxonomies. It serves as a really good example for incorporating a bunch of items in the framework with a custom post type.

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