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Post List Template Not Showing Specific Category of Blog Posts

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    I’m having an issue getting the post list template to display posts from a specific category on a page.

    I’ve tried the custom fields:
    categories (value = 39)
    & category_name (value = testimonials)

    Neither is working.
    I have 4 posts in that category. When I preview the page it says “Apologies, but there are no posts to display.”

    Any suggestions?

    PS – As a side note, it’d be very useful if you allowed users who’ve purchased one theme to at least be able to view responses in other theme’s support forums as well. I’m assuming they’re built on similar frameworks. If we can’t view the answers, then those questions for other themes shouldn’t pop up at all when searching the forums. It makes this support forum a bit frustrating to have to sort through questions (some of which are the same questions as my own, but for a different theme) and not be able to see the responses. It also makes self-help and problem-solving impossible… meaning more work for you and more answering the same questions over and over. Just a suggestion.

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    Jason Bobich


    Hm, I’m not sure on that one, and you sound like you know what you’re doing with the custom fields.

    What version of the theme are you using? You are correct in using the “categories” custom field and the ID of the category, but are you sure you’ve got category info correct and all of the posts are published, not private, etc?

    I’m trying to duplicate the issue you’re describing on my end, and am not able to.

    Post List page template with no custom field:

    Post list page template with “categories” custom field:


    I’m on version 1.1.5.

    For this specific site I’m using the Testimonials Widget plugin and I think it had something to do with that plugin and how it assigns posts to the testimonials category. I deactivated the plugin, updated it, and reactivated it again and now the category posts are working fine.

    Thanks for your quick response!

    Jason Bobich

    Awesome, glad you figured it out.

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