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Post List in Templates – Jumpstart 1.2.5 vrs 2.0.3

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    Hi Jason,
    In 1.2.5 we see a nice option that we can not find in 2.0.3. It allows us to display the Post List Featured Images in large formats.

    “Select the size of the post list’s thumbnails or whether you’d like to hide them all together when posts are listed.”

    And then we can select “Show small…” or “Show full-width thumbnails”
    This was so great and now this one choice is missing.
    How can we recreate this in JS2.0.3 ? We like the large, full-width look.

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    Jason Bobich


    This option no longer exists for the “post list” display, which now has a different, more finite design. What is now more closely to what the old post list was, would be the “blog” post display — i.e. Blog page template and Blog element of the layout builder. Here there is still no option to change the size of thumbnails, but the default blog design of Jump Start does include large, full-width images.

    Here’s an example of a page with the Blog page template applied:


    Nice. This works.
    The Templates has a Post List and I am using it to show small thumbnails on another page. There I found that when I size the browser to a cell phone size, the thumbnails overlap the text. So, I added this code to the css and it fixed it:
    @media (max-width: 767px) {
    .list-wrap>article.has-thumbnail, .list-wrap>article.has-date {
    min-height: 0;
    padding-left: 117px;}


    I hope this helps.

    Also we like the option to select different size thumbnails in displays. It would be good to show us how to build this using the framework (with a tutorial) or just put the options in there somewhere.

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