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Post List and Post Grid – When Thumbnails Aren't Available

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    Some of our older posts have featured images, some do not. How can I show the featured image in Post Lists/Grids (including the blog page) if a featured image exists, and nothing if it doesn’t? (Right now, for posts that have no featured image, there is a little space and circle — I would want it not to show anything if no featured image is set, just the excerpt).

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    Jason Bobich


    This shouldn’t be happening. What version of Akita are you using? Are you using other little Theme Blvd plugins that do anything with featured images?


    Akita 2.1.4 with Theme Blvd Framework 2.4.4

    See example at — note that the post at the top has a featured image, and the two underneath it donot, and it’s showing a little circle and space as if it is looking for the file and not finding it.

    The Theme Blvd plugins installed and active are:
    layout builder
    layouts to posts
    news scroller widget
    posts to page link
    post template options
    string swap
    widget areas
    widget pack


    It is also happening on single posts — see — this post has no featured image, and there’s a circle and white space where it would be if it existed.

    Jason Bobich

    Hmm, something is definitely off about your site, something which is unique to something you’ve done there. So, we need to figure that out.

    You can clearly see here how the theme should display posts when there’s no featured image:

    Do you have any plugins on your site that do anything with featured images? Are you using a child theme? Have you made any kind of customization to anything to do with featured images from your child theme? Do you have content.php or content-list.php copied to your child theme?

    If none of these things ring a bell, I’m not sure what else off the top of my head. Feel free to send a login to your WP admin, I can check it out. Just make sure to let me know here if you send the info. You can send the info at My Account > Submit Private Info here on the support site.


    I deactivated all plugins and I’m still having the same issue. I am using the child theme; there is no content.php or content-list.php in the child theme. The only customizations I’ve made to the child theme are to the style.css and it is as follows:

    a {

    a:hover {

    When I delete those css rules, the problem still occurs.

    I will send a login url and info through the private section of my account, thanks.

    Jason Bobich

    All right, so I went into your site, and while I’m not totally sure why this has happened, but I’ve figured out a few things.

    It’s nothing to do with the theme; it’s that there’s something weird with how some of these posts have been saved. Some of these posts think there’s a featured image, but the featured image isn’t there.

    I did figure out one way to fix the issue on these posts with the problem. For example, I just fixed these two:

    “New Mercury Thermostat Recycling Law Goes Into Effect in Massachusetts”

    “IE3 The Week of October 26: Here’s What Happened”

    Here’s what I did when editing the post. —

    1. First, I clicked “Set Featured Image” and applied a random featured image.
    2. Then, under the featured image I clicked “Remove Featured Image”
    3. Then I updated the post.

    … And then this seems to clear out whatever piece of data that thinks there’s some sort of image.


    OK, I think this must have something to do with the post import we did. We said to download images but most of them didn’t. I’m not sure why WordPress thinks there are images set when there aren’t, but I don’t think it has to do with your theme now. Thanks for your time.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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