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post grid linking to posts without text?

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    I first setup my page to use the mini_post_grid because it gave the visual presentation I was looking for, but then found the images don’t link to their respective articles. So I switched to the post_grid shortcode which links, but also displays title and text.

    What I really want to do is:

    1st Choice: Images only; the images are hyperlinked to their posts.

    2nd Choice: Images and titles only; titles linked to their posts.

    Is it possible to do the above with either of the shortcodes or some other feature of the Alyeska theme? If not (I know this next question falls outside your support), do you happen to know off hand of a plugin that will?

    Thank you,

    site in question:
    “Recent Posts” section in the left column is currently using mini_post_grid

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Caedmon,

    On your theme options page, there are actually some options you can configure that determine how post grids show throughout your entire website that it sounds like you may not have seen. You can find these here:

    Appearance > Theme Options > Content > Post Grids

    But anything outside of that would be a customization you’d need to make to the theme. To make any customizations, make sure you install a child theme. To customize how a post displays in a post grid, you’d copy content-grid.php to your Child theme to edit.

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