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Portfolio documentation

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    Hi Jason,

    When you get around to it, I think it would be helpful to do the following for the Portfolio plugin as I get tons of questions about how to use it: – on this page, put a section at the bottom with a few examples of how the shortcode will look in the Visual Editor. Most people don’t know what “parameters” means so showing this will help convey that.

    Make it clear that the shortcode examples can be auto-generated using the TB shortcode generator plugin, so they don’t have to copy and paste the shortcode. – on this page, add example shortcodes for portfolios and portfolio_tags at the top along with your category_name and tag examples.

    Somewhere, it will be good to describe the four different ways to get portfolios to display:

    1 – Shortcode on a page using the shortcode generator (need to use Post to Page link plugin for breadcrumbs to work properly)
    2 – Template Builder Element on a page (need to use Post to Page link plugin for breadcrumbs to work properly)
    3 – One of the Post Page Templates using the custom fields to determine which portfolio category to display (need to use Post to Page link plugin for breadcrumbs to work properly)
    4 – Adding the Portfolios category to the menu directly (best option for breadcrumbs to work correctly).

    I know this is all covered in the “Concept of Posts Lists and Post Grids” but people really don’t get that Portfolio Items are just another kind of post and that Portfolios are just another kind of category. Specifically talking about Portfolios in this context can help make that connection. Though, I don’t know how much you want to put into that. I think a Portfolio video series would be nice.

    Also, lastly, how to use a Custom Template with Portfolio Items and Posts (i.e. create Template in the Templates area that uses the Current Page Content and the Featured Image and optionally Custom Fields using Advanced Custom Fields plugin) and then use the TB Layout to Posts plugin to use on the Portfolio Items.

    I am going to write a detailed lessons on all of these things as well as general reasons why to use Custom Post Types and how to create your own Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies that integrate with Jump Start (advanced lesson). But, if you are planning some nifty videos, I’ll include links to those.

    In general, I have a lot of people not knowing where to find documentation. I point people to the demoblvd demos and plugin docs,, and Vimeo, but it’s a lot to piece together. I can guess you are pulling this all together in a nice little for Theme Forest, so beta users will have to be patient.

    Good luck! May the force be with you.

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    P.S. Being able to use Template Builder Layouts to create templates for posts and portfolio items seems to be in hot demand. I don’t think the template builder has to be on the individual post or portfolio item edit page. The way the post to layouts plugin is working now is fine, but people don’t grasp that they must use the Current Page Content, Featured Image, and/or Custom Fields to have this do what they expect.

    Jason Bobich

    Sure I can put a portfolio video series on the todo list. Not sure if I’ll have time to do it before 2.0 release or not.

    But yeah I understand where you’re coming from. Years ago I felt the need to make a video series called something like “creating the classic portfolio” — it was centered around getting people to think of portfolios as just displaying posts, but in grids. Things have obviously evolved a little since… But funny enough, not too much.


    Yes. It’s mostly the parameters that has many people confused. So, they use category_name= instead of portfolio= and don’t know the shortcode generator can be used and the template builder can be used, etc. The whole concept of custom post type and custom taxonomy is a challenge.

    Jason Bobich
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