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Plugin thoughts: How many are too many?

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    1) I guess I hadn’t updated in a while because when I did, it asked me to add (maybe 6) new plugins and I did.

    With a theme like this that has ‘related’ plugins, what is your general recommendation for plugin limit?
    I’m used to hearing a WP site should have 30 plugins max, but if the theme takes x plugins, would it be 30+x ?

    2) If I am not currently using a plugin and deactivate it, does it still impact site speed?
    Would it be better to delete theme plugins that I don’t use?

    thanks for the time & advice.

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    Jason Bobich

    The plugin separation just happened with the updated posted last night. There is a big drama in both the WordPress community and the ThemeForest community about what should and shouldn’t be a part of the “theme”. A couple weeks ago, ThemeForest came out saying that starting in a few months, all of this functionality that is non-theme related (sliders, shortcodes, widgets, etc) will no longer be accepted if included in the themes.

    1) Realistically, I wouldn’t say there is any kind of specific limit on plugins. To say there is a 30 (or any number) plugin max isn’t really all that logical just because this is all just code included within your site. Whether it lives in the theme’s files or in files of a plugin, it’s all running and taking up the same server resources.

    If an author decided to put all of shortcodes, sliders, and widgets in a single plugin, he could do that. In terms of your site running and server resources, it would make absolutely no difference if he were to separate that into three plugins instead (which would make more sense from an organizational standpoint).

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on whether it’s in the theme or a plugin, or how many plugins is too many because anyone’s plugin could be 5 lines of code or 20 files of code. But now in regards to this theme, if you don’t need certain functionality, you can disable the plugin, and save some load on your site. If you don’t use sliders, you can disable the plugin, where as if this were in the theme, you’d be stuck with it.

    2) Nope, deactivated plugins have no bearing on your site. if you deactivate a plugin, the files are just sitting there on your server. They are not included in your site in any way and thus do not impact the load of your site at all. When you deactivate/activate plugins, you’re essentially just telling WordPress to include the files or not. If they’re not included, they aren’t doing anything.


    Thank you for taking time to write such a detailed answer. I agree with you about separating features. There are so many plugins that do 12 things and maybe I need only 2 of them…
    ~ have a great week

    Jason Bobich

    No problem 🙂

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