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Picture is being automatically down scaled to a third when used in Home Page

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    I am trying to change the picture in the first column of the third element in the Home page of Denali. I am using the same size as your original picture (900×655). After selecting it, it is automatically scaled downed without being saved to the image library. the new dimensions have been added to the file name.

    New file name:×218.png

    where the “-300×218” was added by Themeblvd.

    See screen dump on:

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    Jason Bobich


    Don’t worry. The theme isn’t adding anything. We’re just utilizing the media system already built into WordPress. I think what’s happening is you’re accidentally selecting a crop size when inserting the image. Remember that this works essentially the same as inserting an image into a normal WordPress page. If you want the full-size image, make sure you have that selected when you insert it.

    Additionally, the media uploader is just a tool to help you insert the image. After the image is inserted, you can always just click in the input box with your cursor and change the URL. This would be the URL to your full image:


    Thanks. I could solve the issue by simply deleting the “-300×218” that was added by wp. I then got the full scale picture.

    Other than that, the theme seems to work fine.

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