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PHP Error

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    Hi in my debug error file I keep gettng these, hundreds of them anyway to stop them short of removing the function.

    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  in C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-content\themes\commodore\includes\theme-functions.php on line 113
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP Stack trace:
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP   1. {main}() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\index.php:0
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP   2. require() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\index.php:17
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP   3. require_once() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-blog-header.php:16
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP   4. include() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\template-loader.php:75
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP   5. get_header() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-content\themes\commodore\page.php:18
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP   6. locate_template() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\general-template.php:45
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP   7. load_template() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\template.php:514
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP   8. require_once() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\template.php:555
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP   9. wp_head() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-content\themes\commodore\header.php:27
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP  10. do_action() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\general-template.php:2270
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP  11. call_user_func_array:{C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\plugin.php:503}() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\plugin.php:503
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP  12. wp_enqueue_scripts() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\plugin.php:503
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP  13. do_action() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\script-loader.php:1025
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP  14. call_user_func_array:{C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\plugin.php:503}() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\plugin.php:503
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP  15. commodore_css() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-includes\plugin.php:503
    [15-Oct-2015 18:56:04 UTC] PHP  16. commodore_styles() C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-content\themes\commodore\includes\theme-functions.php:76


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    Jason Bobich


    Thanks for pointing this out. What you’re posting here is just one error, with your server printing out the stack trace of what actions lead to that error.

    I’ve fixed this for the next theme update, which I’m not planning to a post for a bit. If you’d like to fix yourself in your current version, here’s how I did it.

    Just open up /includes/theme-functions.php and you can remove the parts in red.


    Thanks done it


    Hi Found another error regards crop as follows

    [22-Nov-2015 16:35:39 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: crop in C:\wamp\www\aircadetresources\wp-content\themes\commodore\framework\includes\general.php on line 1236

    had a look at teh offending line of code but can’t see for ths life of me why its throwing up the error!



    Jason Bobich

    What version of the theme do you have? Are you using the Theme Blvd Image Sizes plugin? Are you doing any customizations from a child theme related to crop sizes? Anything with the themeblvd_image_sizes filter?

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