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Persnickity Formatting Inside shortcode columns and panels

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    Hi Jason,

    I’ve played around what feels like extensively as I hopefully near the end of landing page development over at . Several questions based on that effort:

    1. I have a panel component placed in a center column (thank you for panels!). The panel content is a bulleted list that becomes 2 lines per bullet when viewed on a phone. I tried formatting it using html encoding ( and so forth), so that when viewed on a phone the second line of type would be indented and not appear underneath each bullet (of course this is the reason for using bullet list formatting instead of just typing the bullet characters and spaces). But rather than format the list, the code appears as characters. I’ve removed the html, surmising that one can’t use html formatting inside a panel component. Do I surmise correctly?

    2. I am applying columns via shortcode, these instances within the default WordPress content field at the top of the editing page (the field where Akita elements get “Content of the Current Page.” (Thank you for shortcode columns capability!). My small wishlist is to enable a one_tenth value — which I would use to create some white space on right edge of the webpage, in my case with columns of [three_tenths] [three_fifths] [one_tenth] . (This didn’t work for me and I’m currently using [three_tenths] [seven_tenths] ). I mention this because I was able to customize one section using a 30% 50% 20% scheme, surmising (again) that because these values appear in your very nice selection combinations that they might be available for me to make my own with. I’m wondering, since 3/10 and 7/10 values exist if a adding a 1/10 value might be feasible at some point in Akita’s development.

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    Jason Bobich

    1. I’m not quite sure I understand where the conufsion is exactly. You just need to use an actual HTML list.

    <ul style="padding-left:17px;">
    <li>Failure to recognize prior medical engagement as heroic</li>
    <li>Exposure to medical snafus (misadventures and/or errors)</li>
    <li>Ignorance regarding life support matters and overrides</li>
    <li>Over-reliance on advance directives</li>
    <li>Inability to advocate medically for a loved one or oneself</li>
    <li>Difficulty distinguishing among dying&nbsp;situations</li>
    <li>An opaque dying marketplace</li>

    2. In the next update, I’ve already made available a full 10-column and 12-column grid system. The column shortcode now works like this:

    [column size="1/2"]
    Column 1...
    [column size="1/2"]
    Column 2...

    For the size, you can put in any mathematical variation of these fractions:

    … And yes old column shortcodes will still work.


    Hmm, I’d formatted the list, checked it what I thought was carefully. I’ll try again. Thank you for expanding it. In the future, in respect of your time, feel free to gently wag your finger at me, like “you can apply html formatting in the panel, try again and carefully proof it” and I’ll be happy to take a third or fourth swipe at it :).

    Granularizing the column width controls is really nice Jason.


    Aha! I had formatted the list using appropriate html tags *inside* the Components’ shortcode>panel>content field, and that came through to the WordPress page’s content field, in Visual view, as raw text which I probably observed and stupidly expected to format the list. I mistakenly thought that formatting inside the panel environment was the way to do it based on using html in layout elements > columns > raw content, which is where I formatted the lists you helped me with in the previous thread). Now I understand to apply the html formatting to panel contents back in what I’ll call the ‘main’ WordPress environment, be it Visual or Text view; to consider the shortcode’s encoding as a sort of wrapper for content that must still be formatted using the WP editor.

    When the next update pushes out I’ll go back in and reformat to put that 1/10 last column in. I continue to get strange results when trying to apply a one_tenth value to a third column.

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