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Paypal button with dropdown menu choices results in Paypal Error

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    Hi Jason,

    Sorry for another support message; I’d not anticipated this, and it’s a real functional problem.

    I’ve made a paypal button with a dropdown menu listing purchase choices. It works on paypal’s testbed site. By “works” I mean click the button and a new tab is drawn, go to the tab and the purchased item is sitting the cart. Make multiple selections sequentially and the paypal cart page accepts them, showing the multiple selections in the cart.

    The trouble is that this button fails to work at all when embedded into my site pages. I’ve tried under Safari and Firefox, and on two different pages, and both private/draft and public/published. The resulting behavior is consistent: Upon clicking the button, a paypal page draws in a new tab but it’s an error page saying that there’s a problem with the vendor’s (that’d be my) site. Nothing gets added to the cart.

    Testing proves that my previously-made single buttons work fine. So I made another new button with NO dropdown, and *that works*. So apparently Akita has some trouble with the code paypal generates to display a button with a dropdown.

    The button is placed within content in a tab. No other shortcode is nested; just 6 tabs in the content area.

    I much prefer the single button with dropdown because otherwise I’d need 4 buttons and their vertical spacing gets so weird that I’d have to nest a panel with columns to “table-ize” the layout and that’ll get weird looking also due to the borders and indents.

    I can send the button code privately, or I can put it back on a test page and publish that for you (I’d want to take it down quickly), or I can make you a temporary admin user ID for the site. Please let me know what you think is the best way to proceed.

    Thanks for helping solve this one…

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    Jason Bobich

    So, does the PayPal button work, outside of the tabs, just all alone in the content of a page?


    No it doesn’t. I just made a new page using first a default layout then a custom layout and selected one of my builder layouts at random. Pasted only the dropdown 4-item button code in; it failed at the cart in both layouts. Then I added a one-item button below it, in the custom layout. That *did* work. With that product in the cart I tried the dropdown button again, selecting a different item from the menu. As before, it failed at the cart. The cart message always reads:

    Error Message
    PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller’s website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem.

    If there’s anything specifically I can ask of paypal that might help shed some light let me know and I’ll call them up.

    Meanwhile I have another old site using some other theme. I’ll try dropping the menu’d button in there and see if that works, then report back.

    Jason Bobich

    Yeah, I’d start with talking to PayPal support. The fact that the button is getting to PayPal and returning an error message at all tells me that most likely the theme isn’t causing some sort of straight-up javascript conflict with the button.

    If you google that error message you pasted it here, it comes up all over google. So, I have a feeling when you show them a page with the button, and tell them that’s the error, it’s something they’re used to getting.


    OK, the other site wouldn’t summon the cart; I don’t know/recall enough about paypal config to untangle that. However:

    Using paypal’s default labeling on a new menu’d button *did* work. As did editing the menu item names down from something like “Webinar 1, Obstacles 1—3 …” to something simpler just worked — in a blank test page. The label section of the code is now:

    Select Your Webinars
    Webinar 1 $35.00 USD
    Webinar 2 $35.00 USD
    Webinar 3 $35.00 USD
    All 3 Webinars $99.00 USD

    OK; I just put the simplified button in the tab and *it worked*. Apparently even though the more punctuated menu labels worked in paypal’s test bed, something about having them inside Akita breaks something. I’ll get around this by listing the details of each session above the buy button.


    The menu’d button is highly erratic; works in some page layouts and not others. Big drag to deal with. For anyone reading this with interest, here’s my solution:

    1. make separate button for each webinar event, including a bundle option
    2. make a panel and center the content within it
    3. use dashed divider between each event
    4. format sensibly and tighten spacing btwn description and following button in the WP UI *visual* view (where you can strip an extra space that doesn’t appear in text view).

    This scheme is the only way for a) reliable button performance in the Paypal cart, and it also makes for a very clean/clear display on mobile devices esp phones. Using a panel gives me the option of stacking panels in sequence should I offer more than one webinar series with concurrent signups.

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