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page not displaying css properly?

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    Hi Jason

    I have gone to my website this morning and the page doesn’t look like it’s pulling all the CSS files in. I have the child theme enabled and it was working just fine on Tuesday yet today when I’ve looked, it appears broken. Could please take a look and let me know what might have happened? I will PM you the URL,

    Thanks, Chrissie

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Chrissie,

    Your theme options aren’t saved properly. I have a feeling you were possibly messing around with the name of your child theme in and around of altering theme options?

    Your theme options are saved to the database based on the name of your current theme. So, for example, if you had your theme options saved, then you went to your child theme’s style.css and changed the name of your theme, it would explain you not having any theme options.

    The only thing that doesn’t quite make sense in this theory is that you have things being outputted where the “Header Text” option is. You’ve got a bunch of converted HTML characters which is essentially printing our HTML on the screen that the user sees (which is sort of separate issue in how you’re writing your HTML we can address later). If the theme options aren’t saved to the database, I’m not quite sure how you’d have this being outputted unless you’re manually outputting that header text somehow.

    Anyway, let’s start with this — Now that you have a name set in your child theme, try just going back to your theme options page and reconfiguring and saving your theme options page.

    Assuming that fixes all of the primary issues, after that, if you still have trouble with header text option, let me know and we can work with that.


    Great support Jason. I have fixed the issue – I have no idea why this happened in the first place I wasn’t doing anything to do with the child theme but I have now amended it anyway.



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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