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Page edits display on my computer but not on others!

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    Hi Jason,

    I just edited a page and saved the edits. The update displays nicely on my computer — but other computers display what the page looked like before I made any edits! I’ve made repeated saves as I’ve worked this morning. I can’t see the new page content on my wife’s computer. The paypal rep saw the pre-edited content on her computer using 2 different browsers. (I’d called paypal because clicking any of the buttons I just put in took me to a paypal login page rather than the cart.).

    Pix attached; url is and see the Schedule | Signup tab.

    I’ve got a panel inside a tab, and divider lines inside the panel to separate four events and their buttons. I’m sort of prepared for you to say I’m building too complex a layout but I’m just trying to make the page look nice and I assume that if the builder builds it that it’s safe to build. If I need to lay it out differently I will…

    pix link so you can see what I see on my computer:

    The panel and everything inside of it is what I’ve added.

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    btw I tested a little more broadly by making a new blog entry. That *does* appear on my wife’s computer, hence my suspicion that something about my panel construction is causing this very strange anomaly…


    Well I solved it. Paypal button code when inserted adds several blank lines above and below the the buttons and below the code in text view, resulting in layouts that are needlessly long due to all this extra blank vertical space. Trying to tighten it up by removing those spaces somehow, for some reason beyond me, mucks with the code resulting in all this aberrant behavior. Guess I have to live with the funky layout.

    Jason Bobich

    I can see all your source code compressed, and so I’m assuming you’re using some sort of caching plugin on your site. Generally, these plugins work by displaying changes only to the logged-in admin. So if this is the case, you’d need to clear your cache (through whatever interface your plugin gives you in your WP admin) after making any changes so the world can see what you’ve done.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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