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Padding for a.tb-button-small

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    I recently transferred my site from a folder into my root directory and now the padding on my learn more button has gone a bit haywire

    When I use firebug to decrease the padding it changes the padding of other buttons I don’t want changed.

    Could you point me in the right direction to fix my css?



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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Frank,

    The weird padding you’re seeing is because you’re adding the padding to the anchor, opposed to the span inside, which what the theme is adding the padding to.

    So, remove this from your style.css and the button will be put back in it’s default state.

    a.tb-button-small{padding: 8px 15px !important;}

    And then this would be your correct overriding CSS to effect the padding of the button:

    .tb-button-small span { padding: 8px 15px; }

    But this probably isn’t working the way you’re doing things —

    And so the bigger problem here is how you’re implementing your custom CSS. First, you want to make sure you’re not actually editing theme files. What you want to do is install a Child theme in order to hold your customizations.

    Then, the next part is that you’re putting your custom CSS actually in the style.css file which from viewing the source of your site, we can see that it comes before the other stylesheets of the theme, and thus has little effect without using hacks like !important.

    Take a few mins and checkout this video:

    Get a child theme setup for your site, and then put your Custom CSS in the custom.css file of that Child theme, starting with the snippet I gave you above; I think you’ll start to see things coming together a little better.

    And since you’re so far along in your site, this might be helpful, as well:


    Awesome! Thanks for the blistering fast response!

    Looking forward to your next version of the Alyeska Theme!



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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