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Optimizing Images for Retina in JumpStart2.0

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    Hey J,

    So I am setting up a retina image solution in your new digs. I am using the html replacement method. In using this, we are uploading the image and using it as full-size. This is causing the class size-full to be added to each img. This class in themeblvd.css –>
    img.size-full applies a width:auto property.
    This is causing the 2x image to show at the 2x width.
    Is it necessary to have the width:auto applied to that class .size-full?
    I think that the height:auto on img is required for responsive images, but when I remove that it fixes it too.

    This is probably out of your scope, but I am wondering if you had to put that width:auto on the size-full class for a particular reason?
    What are my options here for accomplishing this? I just need the 2x image to sit in the same dimension as the regular image when I alignright or alignleft.

    Please let me know if this makes sense and if you can help. No worries if you cannot.
    Thanks for everything!

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    Sorry, should have dug a little further earlier…
    width: auto; /* Prevent stretching of full-size images in IE8 */
    I see why you must have that now.
    What do you suggest as the best way of being able to get this to work properly now…?
    I have read about possibly needing a container div around the image to set the width so the retina image will not step out of line – but this seems pretty cumbersome.

    Thanks for any suggestions or input.

    Jason Bobich

    What about something like this from your child theme’s stylesheet? Does this work?

    img.size-full {
    	width: initial;
    	width: auto\9; /* Only apply to IE 7/8 */

    The theory there is that you’re putting the width back to the initial value. Then, applying the width:auto back with a CSS hack to target only old IE8.

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