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Opendining Intergration

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    I have connected with Opendining and I have an issue with the iframe element and css…when I need to change any options for this iframe it will not execute and stay with the sites default css settings…is there any way to disable css to the iframe or allow customization to the iframe css?

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    Jason Bobich


    I’m not sure what I can really tell you specifically about the service, but if the code they’re giving you is in an iframe, than the theme’s styles can’t have any effect on what’s inside. Anything in an iframe is contained to its source.

    Now, with that said, there’s a good chance that if you’re integrating a 3rd-party iframe, they might not be making everything responsive at the site scales down. Things could look out of whack in that regard. However, to my knowledge, it’s not possible for the theme’s styles to actually be styling things within the iframe because this is another website all together, if that makes sense.

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