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Old HTML5.js vs. jQuery 1.9

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    When < IE9 browsers load html5.js kicks in. But it fails when jQuery 1.9 + the migrate.js thing are active.

    Replace html5.js with latest from

    I have tested 3 times now via a "real" XP in Virtualbox. Cleared cache etc. Will cry a little if nobody can reproduce.

    Not high priority perhaps but I am 99% sure WordPress will have 1.9 sooner than later and around here IE8 still has 12-15% market share.

    Make sense? Not to me as I doubt html5.js has anything to do with jQuery but there are weird bugs with jQuer 1.9. Example: the tool they use to minify js with apparently breaks some stuff, also on old IEs. I thought that was issue at first so had to look at their bug tracker. Ran away fast, heh.

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    “Fails” meaning a typical JS error “jQuery not defined”. I have no clue what actually fails. HTML5.js is only JS file loaded before jQuery itself so why I tried to update it. And it worked! All I wish to know about this.

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