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    I just stopped by to check on updates and saw you play minor pro hockey..
    well hats off.. minor pro or not this is a huge achievement..I played hockey in HS
    and let me tell you the speed and precision at that level was intimidating..
    not too mention the power…So move to college or minor pro and it increases by a factor of 10..So
    you are or have to be burly on skates fast and precise..
    Good job dont worry about support while on the road from my end..anyone who plays minor pro hockey gets a pass from me..

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    Jason Bobich

    Thanks, Dan. Yeah I’m trying, but I’m better at WordPress!


    We are so glad you are good at WordPress, Jason. But, the women I teach think it’s hot that you play hockey. Just saying. 🙂

    Jason Bobich

    haha… smallest person in the league…


    Dude the fact your “there” is stellar.. How you perform is not really important..
    I can remember several guys from the team who did “not” make it to the minors..
    and more later in conversations.. It was really considered a achievement to just
    be on a team.. Heck so many guys ended up just in local leagues it was incredible and some really studly players.. as well.. So I am still impressed and well yeah you rule the school in WordPress.. but can’t stop on a dime or speed skate to a net..
    Ha– forget it.. 🙂
    I dont know what Im saying but good job… from a hockey bench sitter..I worship the old pros and the game so forgive my gushing.. 🙂

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