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    Is it possible to use a different slider like Revolution Slider, in place of the current slider. I do like the included sliders but may need something with more options.

    I saw you answered this on another forum (alyeska) but i dont have access to that one. So i apologize for the second asking.

    I tried using it but it had all this padding added to it as opposed to being full width and it was off center so i removed it but this is by far my favorite theme. I have others but they suck as far as the capabilities are concerned you are a beast Jason! Kudos!

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    Jason Bobich


    I don’t really have a good answer for, unfortunately. Your only option really would be to do (what I think you’ve already figured out) and that is to incorporate whatever plugin you’re using via something like a shortcode. When you do this, you wouldn’t actually be using the theme’s “Slider” element with its styling. So, how that will work in the theme is going to be hit or miss, as you’re now using a 3rd party plugin.

    For developers that actually want to code their own sliders into the theme framework’s Slider Manager, this is possible through the slider api.

    But it doesn’t sounds like that’s what you want to do. You’re more going to need to make your own CSS customizations to get your 3rd-party plugin to visually look how you want in terms of what’s around it.

    Is the issue just the padding in the content element of the featured area where yo’ure putting your slider? You could always just remove padding or whatever with CSS customizations.


    For CSS changes, it’s a good idea to use a tool like firebug or Google Chrome’s built-in developer tools to locate them and then put the edits either in your child theme or in the “Custom CSS” option on your theme options page.

    Also, here’s a helpful tutorial on how to use Firebug – The only thing I’d suggest not doing is actually making edits to the theme’s CSS files, as it shows at the end of that video. However, the video serves as a good introduction to Firebug and how it can be used to find what CSS is effecting certain areas of your site without ever digging around in any files.

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