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My page selector drop down is missing!

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    Daniel Hefferan

    I recently updated one of my sites to the new Jumpstart, and I noticed that when you’re making a page layout template, and importing content from another page as part of your layout, that now you need the page slug, instead of what used to exist: a dropdown menu of the pages you could pull from,

    Is there a reason that the dropdown has been discontinued?


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    Jason Bobich

    Aw yes, yes, now I recall what you’re referring to. This was actually done because people that have a large number of pages can end up with fatal errors from trying to query so much. Also, if you have a large number of pages you can end up with a very unusable dropdown.

    Anyway, what you’re showing in your screenshot is, more-or-less, a quick fix to the immediate issue at hand for current (now older) versions of the theme. However, it paves the way to the new element (and new option type), you’ll see with Jump Start 2.0 and the recent updates to the layout builder.

    The new “External Post/Page” element prompts you to use a post ID, enabling you to pull from any page, post, or custom post type you want. Then you click the little icon to actually browse for a post ID.

    … If you want, you can play with this functionality now in the Jump Start 2.0 beta1 release, available in your Downloads section.

    More Info:

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