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Multiple galleries on same page?

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    Hi, I am looking to make multiple galleries on the same page. Right now I have about 33 images that are on one page, in one “gallery” & I want to break that down into about 5 different, separate galleries – instead of one big one.

    Instead of showing 33 images of different bathroom or kitchen remodel photos, I’d like to separate those pictures into galleries of “bathroom 1”, “bathroom 2”, “kitchen 1” etc etc — so there would only be one photo on the page, per each remodel gallery. When someone clicks on one of those images, the rest of the “bathroom 1” photos can be seen via a light-box slideshow.

    How can this be done?


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    Jason Bobich


    No I’m sorry there’s no feature in the theme to accomplish exactly what you’re asking. The way prettyPhoto works with grouping images together into a lightbox is by taking all elements on the current page linked to prettyPhoto with a certain gallery ID and then grouping them together.

    So, for example, all of these would be grouped together because they all have the gallery_1 parameter.

    So, you’d have to come up with some creative way to use prettyPhoto yourself like maybe having a group of images that are hidden or something like that. You could possibly have all your images there, but only show the first one of each gallery, and then maybe wrap the others so their hidden to the website visitor.

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