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Moving Server – copying settings

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    I need to move my site to another server, but every time I copy the entire site (through cpanel) it doesn’t remember the alyeska settings. I’ve noticed in other answers you have provided that there is no way to export the alyeska settings, you say we need to copy over the settings from the database. I’ve looked through and can’t find any reference the changes I have made in theme options, etc, in the database. Where is this data kept? Thanks.

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    To clarify it’s the Theme Options I need to export / copy.

    Jason Bobich


    In general, WordPress does not provide any way within core to import/export settings. The theme options of Alyeska are registered as standard WordPress settings with the settings API. WordPress saves these to the “wp_options” table of your MySQL database as one large, multi-dimensional array under the entry “alyeska” —

    So, when moving any WordPress site, if the desired result is to move everything as-is — settings, widgets, and all — you’d have to transfer your database. Here’s a complete tutorial on this process:

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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