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More control over Google Analytics code

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    Can you point out the location where the Google Analytics field is rendered? I would like to build an option (checkbox) into my child themes that gives the option to disable writing GA code to the page is the user is logged in. I don’t always want to log page views when I am logged in tweaking a page or post. It can mess with my GA reports on low traffic sites. Also, I see that it captures page views while I am in the editor previewing a new page or post (/?page_id=425&preview=true).

    Controlling the GA code a bit more would be really helpful. Is there an action or filter that I can use to alter when the code is written?

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    Jason Bobich

    You can remove it like this:

    Jump Start v1.0.1+ —

    remove_action( 'wp_head', 'themeblvd_analytics' );

    Jump Start v1.0.0 —

    remove_action( 'wp_footer', 'themeblvd_analytics' );

    You can use the themeblvd_analytics function to display the analytics in your own function conditionally to whatever you need and hook that to whatever action you want.


    Perfect. Thank you!


    What if scrumerys idea became a little tick box in Jump Start Analytics box? Like he says:

    if ( !current_user_can( 'administrator' ) ) && !is_preview() ) {
    tracking code...

    or similar. “You want to hide Preview can just be hidden.

    Value of box increases with no side effect? Would be good enough for simple Analytics setup. Or better simple Piwik setup 🙂

    Piwik has changed code for tracking, now also goes in wp_head with async.

    Services an exclude admin via cookie, ip but they are not as fool proof. Plugins can do this and much more. And we control function with remove_action. But even so…

    Or may be “who is admin” queston make it best to avoid? Multi site? or a site has 10 admins but only the 1 who can edit plugins should really be excluded? Might be too muddy but it seems like a good idea to add tick box for simple sites.

    Jason Bobich

    Sounds like a cool idea for a plugin — To essentially disable analytics for the logged-in admin.

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