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Migrated server

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    Rune Johnsgaard


    I’ve migrated my site to a new server. And now all the content is not being loaded. also the website is returning a theme builder error saying:

    No element data could be found for this custom layout.

    Now, I’ve moved several wp sites so far, and i know everything about migrating the site, when it comes to sterilized data, updating links and so on. Everything I’ve tried results in the same error message.

    PS: i have not put the migrated site live; its still in “test” mode, where I’ve updated the hosts file on my computer to point to my new server; even DNS is “updated” if you may.

    I’ve noticed that on my live site, the templates have content, but the migrated site, even tho all the files add up in the wp folders, i cant seem to see the same content. The templates are there, but test site shows no content, live site does. I see the theme/builder uses XML, and that some of the data in the XML are encrypted. Could this be a source for the issue?

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    Jason Bobich


    Apologies, I’m just not really sure on that one. What you’re describing sounds like you’ve possibly corrupted the serialized data; I’m just not sure what else you could have done. I assume you’re mentioning that because you’ve seen where I’ve advised people on this in other topics here on the forum?

    Honestly, I’ve had this builder system for years now and have transferred hundreds of sites without issue that use this theme framework. When I transfer a site, I simply export the database from PhpMyAdmin, import to new site through PhpMyAdmin, and throw up the script by Interconnectit temporarily to change the URLs.

    I’m sure there are many other ways, this is just how I’ve personally done it for years.

    None of your site’s builder data is encrypted or saved to XML files. There are sample layout XML files that are stored in the theme. Also there’s a little import/export tool in the builder. But these have nothing to do with your actual content you’ve configured and saved to your database.

    A custom layout template is a custom post type called “tb_layout” and the elements are saved as meta data to these posts. And same when you build a layout into a page, elements are saved as meta data to the pages. It’s all done through standard WordPress functions. When arrays of data are saved by WordPress to your database they are serialized. So the theme isn’t doing anything here with encryption or anything outside of what WordPress does.

    Because of this, you can even do a standard WordPress export/import of posts from WP Admin > Tools > Export/Import and your custom layouts will actually transfer over intact with all this.

    If you can’t figure out what you’re doing to corrupt the data, thats an alternative you can try — that is, doing an import/export through WordPress tools, or even of an individual layout through the Layout Builder’s import/export (let me know if you can’t find where that is).

    Rune Johnsgaard

    This is what I really can’t wrap my head around. I’ve moved hundreds if not thousands of wp sites, and i know all about serialized data. The thing here is that I don’t have to change any URL’s in the database; because I’m not using different URLs, so the serialized data doesn’t need changing.

    I don’t use export/import tools, I take a sql dump either from phpMyAdmin, or directly from a shell via mysql; same goes for data transfer between webservers. I even tired your serialized data tool yesterday, to see if I’ve missed anything, and it didn’t help much either.

    Anyway, as long as you can (and you have) confirm that the builder and/or theme isn’t locked in anyway or any data is encrypted; I guess i have to just keep looking at the database, and try to see what or why the data I transfer gets corrupted.

    Jason Bobich

    I realize you’re not using import/export tools, but what I’m saying though, is that if you can’t figure out how the data is being corrupted, you can take one of these approaches to fix the corrupted layouts on the new site. Should take a few minutes.

    In other words — You’ve transferred the site. Your custom layout is broken. So as a last resort, just go back to the old site and export the custom layout. Go to the new site, delete corrupted one and import from the exported XML. Just a quick fix idea if you can’t figure it out.

    Jason Bobich

    But yeah there’s nothing out of the ordinary — you can find all this data in your wp_postmeta table. The only other thing I can think that would kind of be out of the ordinary is that these are really giant arrays of data. Maybe something is happening from that in your process?

    Rune Johnsgaard

    I found the problem.

    As this is a site I’m moving for a client, I didn’t know that they defined their own language settings in the wp-config.php file. After I set the same define( code in the wp-config.php the site worked as normal.

    Eitherway, thank you for your assistance; you did actully help me, as you narrowed down where the problem was 🙂

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