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Lost all CSS settings after update

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    Hi Jason, I followed the manual update process to go from Akita 1.1.5 to 2.1.8. I’m using a child theme. I replaced the Akita folder with the new 2.1.8 folder via FTP and then activated the new plugins.

    However all the CSS files are no longer working and site has lost it’s formatting.



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    Ok, hang on – in my child theme (which is the same folder as before the update, no changes made) I renamed “header.php” to “header2.php” and that seems to have fixed it! Wondering why, but it’s possible there’s another method when doing a manual update with a child theme?

    Anyway, false alarm for now…

    Jason Bobich


    The reason you had the issue is because the structure of the theme’s header.php file has changed. This file is part of the theme framework, and you’ll find it may change from time-to-time with theme updates. This is why it has that warning at the top about not editing it.

    I understand many other themes are not as extendable as our’s and so this is a method of editing you’ve become accustomed to with using other themes. Because we put in so many actions hooks for you, realistically, there’s not a whole of reason to ever edit header.php from your child theme, when using our themes.

    So whatever reason you were previously copying header.php to your child theme in the first place, I’d just reassess why you were doing that, and see if there’s another way you can accomplish that customization from your child theme’s functions.php (there most likely is).

    And if you find that you truly need to copy header.php to your child theme and edit it, this is of course possible, but like with any theme, this just opens you up to more work when you’re making updates in the future (as you’re seeing in this scenario).

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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