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Looking for Theme Blvd prettyPhoto

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    Jason, having updated to 2.1.8, I see that rel=”themeblvd_lightbox” no longer works, and you suggest getting the Theme Blvd prettyPhoto plugin. However, the link provided in the “updating-to-framework-v2-3/” goes here, which shows “not found”.

    Is that plugin still available, and if not, are there options for getting all the existing references to work, other than manually going through each one??



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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Eric,

    I apologize, but this plugin is no longer available. We originally released the plugin as a segue to transitioning people to the new system. But now, a couple of years have gone by, and with all of the recent news of PrettyPhoto xss attack vulnerabilities, I’ve decided to finally discontinue it.

    For a few years now, we’ve had the [lightbox] shortcode. While I know it’s a pain for you, working off instructions from several years ago of manually putting in rel="themeblvd_lightbox", and just now being burdened with the change, transitioning everything to using this shortcode will future-proof you, going forward.

    In hindsight, a few years ago, telling people to manually putting in the rel="themeblvd_lightbox" was not a great approach. By using the [lightbox] shortcode, it allows us to change the lightbox system in the future (if we need to for whatever reason), with you keeping the same shortcode usage; that’s what I mean by “future-proof”.


    Thanks for the fast response Jason, and it makes sense.


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