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Look of Superfish jump menu

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    This is slightly off topic, since it’s not really a problem with the Arcadian theme. It’s a problem I’m having integrating a custom page I have into the theme.

    The “photography” page and all its sub-pages are generated outside of WP, but inherent nearly all of the CSS (as much as I could). It’s a long story but it’s been working well for two years.

    Now with the new Arcadian theme update (which is working great) I need to make an adjustment, and it’s driving me crazy (after too many hours of looking at it). I think you’ll know the answer, have a good guess, or at least point me where I need to go to figure it out.

    The photography pages require me to instantiate Superfish, add in all the site’s menus, and provide the CSS. I’ve got it all working except the background color for the menu.

    I like the new Arcadian (wide and bright) 🙂

    I can’t figure out how to alter the background color of the jump menu when it’s on the iPhone. (note, this is ONLY an issue on the iPhone as far as I know).

    I see a dark shiny gradient, which to me is harder to read. Plus it’s not how the menu looks on all the other pages.

    I thought it would be some webkit option but couldn’t find it. I’ve dug through Safari CSS debugging, and can’t figure it out. What’s controlling the jump menu color and how do I get it to look like the one in Arcadian (while on the iPhone)?

    So…what’s the magic CSS to change the color of the jump menu while on the iPhone?

    Any clues?

    PS – thanks again for the great support, AND the great documentation. I’m so glad I chose this theme, and have been recommending your themes to others.

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    duh, forgot to give you the links to the pages I’m talking about.

    Again, look at this on the iPhone and in portrait/narrow mode to see the problem. This is what triggers the jump menu, narrow view and on the iPhone.

    This is the Arcadian theme, and look great

    This is the CSS I’ve got, and it’s close but the background of the jump menu doesn’t match.


    wow – that last post stripped out the link, sigh

    good page

    bad pag

    Jason Bobich

    This should do it in your custom CSS:

    .tb-jump-menu {
    	background-color: #fff !important;

    How I found this:



    Ok – now I get it. Something was overriding my attempts to change it.

    I was looking at the exact places you pointed out, just didn’t notice the use of !important

    One of those things you can’t see after looking too closely at it for too long LOL

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