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Localization in a child theme

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    thanks to this post

    I have been able to localize some strings of the Akita theme to the German language.
    I am using a child theme. Now I wonder, if the de_DE.po and the files should be positioned in ‘themes/akita/lang’ folder or better in ‘themes/akita-child/lang’?

    Thanks in advance

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    Jason Bobich


    Sure, you can do it from a child theme, but it’s going to take some additional work. You’d have to actually register this location for the theme.

    Also, you’d have to completely re-generate the PO files that I generated for you and included in the theme originally because now the absolute path to the localization files will be different. So, if you were to just copy the original files, they won’t work because the path on your server to this location is different.

    But are you just doing localization of some text strings on the frontend? This plugin will work great for that and cause a lot less headache.

    If you’re worried about performance or overhead of the plugin, you can also just filter the text strings directly from your child theme’s functions.php. I organize all text strings outputted from the frontend of the site in one location so they can be easily filtered without having to go through the dreaded WP localization process.

    See here in the theme: /framework/includes/locals.php

    function my_frontend_locals( $locals ) {
    	$locals['string_1'] = 'Translation of string 1...';
    	$locals['string_2'] = 'Translation of string 2...';
    	$locals['string_3'] = 'Translation of string 3...';
    	$locals['string_4'] = 'Translation of string 4...';
    	return $locals;
    add_filter( 'themeblvd_frontend_locals', 'my_frontend_locals' );
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