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    I have Arcadian 2.0.1 with Theme Blvd Framework 2.4.3

    I just noticed a problem due to the WP update, and found that I’m behind on a few Arcadian updates. Trying to setup the live updating (per I’m stuck.

    I can’t seem to get Theme Blvd Envato Updates settings working. I enter my Envato Username and Envato API Key, but they don’t stick. The page reloads, but without the two items I just entered.

    Doesn’t this page change once I’ve entered my name and key, then clicked Save Options?

    I’ve even revoked the API key, and then gone back to the Theme Blvd Envato Updates page. Still nothing is working and I don’t find the option to update Arcadian.

    Will they show up in the original Arcadian theme, or the child theme I created?

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    Just tried again on the Themes > Updates page, and this time it kept my name and key. Not sure why it did something this time, but I tried using a re-generated key after 24 hours.

    Is this the only way to get update notices? I’d like something to appear within WP, or an email sent to me about the new versions.

    Jason Bobich


    The way our update system works is just to hook into the already existing WordPress system for updating themes. In other words, we’re not doing anything other than telling WordPress when there’s an update and giving WordPress the url where it can download from — WordPress handles the rest.

    So, when everything is setup, you’ll see notices in the same manner you do for themes on your site that would have come from

    In v2.0.3 I fixed a bug (see changelog) that was giving people proplems with the new update system (which was only just implemented in 2.0.0). So try just updating manually on your site, and the updates should be good to go, moving forward.

    See “Manual Updates” in the original article you linked to when you started this topic.

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