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Link to specific tab

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    Jason Bobich

    I think I actually built in a way to do this in the framework a long time ago. Hopefully it still works. You can do this from your child theme’s functions.php to enable tab deep linking.

    add_filter( 'themeblvd_tabs_deep_linking', '__return_true' );

    The ID of the tab you’re linking to will be the name of the tab in all lowercase, replacing any spaces with underscores — i.e. “My Tab Title” has id “my_tab_title”.

    And then when linking to a tab, you need to prefix the id of the tab with “tab_” — For example:

    Thanks Jason,

    This didn’t work for me. Got your note about the next Denali update. Yes, this would be really helpful as folks sometimes email me asking if I teach the Bodhrán in this case and I’d love to be able to link direct to the tab to avoid any confusion.


    Jason Bobich

    The last information I posted wasn’t correct and is why I deleted it. But you’re right, it doesn’t work, and I can see why.

    Go to the following link, and you can see that the correct tab is selected, but the content won’t come up.

    … Anyway, I’ve fixed it for the next update. If you want to make the change in the theme so it works you can. Open this file:


    Find this on line 1057 (NOT on line 1023, which looks the same and is the first instance of the similar line of code):

    $tab_id = str_replace( ' ', '_', $name );

    And change to this:

    $tab_id = str_replace( ' ', '_', $tab['title'] );

    Perfect. Thanks so much. Got it working.

    So, it doesn’t like special characters such as the á in Bodhrán I suppose. Not sure if that’s something you can include in the update or if it’s even possible.


    Jason Bobich

    No unfortunately it’ll cause issues with the JavaScript. I have to purposely remove these types of characters from the HTML ID on the element.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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