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License Renewal

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    When I purchased Jump Start, I had no idea that the license would expire. I’ve purchased Akita and Arcadian on and other themes from many fine authors, and none of the licenses expire period. And certainly none have to be purchased again for the full amount.

    I’m sorry this framework is being handled this way. Genesis has a one-time purchase fee.

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    for $65/yr? That’s like peanuts on the amount of business I do with Jumpstart. how else would you do support…

    Genesis doesn’t have anything on Jumpstart. Jason deserves a yearly renewal. He did a great job with this framework.


    My license expired in December 2013, no warning sent by JumpStart …so I lost my download access!!!

    I don’t understand why I can’t (re)download what I paid for (all files before expiring time/license)?!?!?

    …a very unhappy customer…

    Jason Bobich

    Hello Dan,

    I apologize for the confusion on this. Offering free updates for life from our servers for life with each purchase is just not feasible for us, unfortunately. Especially since we decided to release Jump Start as full GPL with no site limit usage, this makes it extremely difficult, as well, to offer free updates for life.

    We try to make this as clear as possible on our site when you purchase Jump Start. In the FAQ and Terms and Conditions as you’re checking it out, updates are explained. And then after purchasing, when you grab your downloads from or, it tells you the expiration date next to the download links, which is always visible.

    I will admit, though, that our system for allowing users to renew their licenses was not very well thought out originally. Early January, we had some discussion on the topic of renewals, as some of these earliest customers were now getting around to their one-year mark of using Jump Start. At that time I put quite a bit of work into the site to making handling renewals much easier, including sending out email notices linking customers to renewal.

    In the last year with a real push by WordPress for everyone to be selling plugins and themes as 100% GPL, the yearly updates and support pricing structure for themes and plugins has become quite popular. Some of the biggest theme shops like WooThemes implore systems like this. StudioPress actually did structure Genesis like this previously. I believe it was last year they stepped up the compete level and starting doing full GPL and lifetime updates.

    Although if you’re referring to authors and products over on ThemeForest, this is a bit of a different scenario. Envato sets all pricing and licensing terms for their marketplace, and this isn’t something authors have control over. They also give authors the freedom to (a) not give support, (b) leave at any time, (c) or delete an item from the marketplace, making it no longer downloadable.

    Additionally, unless the author has opted in for their WordPress themes to be full GPL (which is a new feature from Envato about 6 months ago), when you purchase a theme on ThemeForest, you get unlimited updates as long as the author keeps it up, however with a single license, you can only use that theme on one website.

    I don’t understand why I can’t (re)download what I paid for (all files before expiring time/license)?!?!?

    Jump Start v1.1.3 was released about months ago, before your license expired. If you’d like, I can email it to you?


    Hi Jason,

    In my opinion, when you pay for a software you should have it available into your account even if you decided not to renew your license/support. Maybe you should put in place a subscription plan (after initial purchase) rather than a full price renew.

    Another issue is about (free) linked plugin updates (Theme Blvd Layout Builder; Theme Blvd Sliders; Theme Blvd Widget Areas; Theme Blvd Widget Pack; Theme Blvd Shortcodes) – you shouldn’t allow those plugins updates if they are not compatible with installed framework (backwards compatible).

    After yesterday’s maintenance/updates my site is on ‘damage’ mode so please send me those files ASAP!

    Jason Bobich

    I’ve personally emailed you the latest copy of Jump Start you had purchased. You can also find archives of all of the free plugins available on in our GitHub repositories, if you need older versions of anything.

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