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Jumpstart and BuddyPress

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    Olle Ljungdahl


    I want to use the functions of both Jumpstart and BuddyPress to create av very social site for students in a drama academy, Calle Flygare Teaterskola.

    I intend to do a multisite installation with one of the sites being an open social platform for the students at Calle Flygare Teaterskola.

    Before I try though, I thought maybe you or someone you know have done this before.

    I would set with a reply such as GO or DON’T GO, but in the case of GO there might be tricks that help to know.

    B.t.w. I’m a big fan of ThemeBlvd! Thanks for a great work!

    /O’ (PHP programmer, knows WordPress, new to Jumpstart)

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Olle,

    The current release of BuddyPress definitely won’t work with Jump Start (without a lot of work) because of how they used to do the templating. They essentially set it up so you have to create themes specifically for it, as the plugin will override entire theme files.

    However, they’ve changed all this with v1.7, which actually filters BuddyPress content into the_content() of your theme’s current page.php file. They’ve been sitting on this for awhile, and I’m not quite sure when it will get released. I used it this last summer and seemed to work pretty smoothly. Anyone can get the beta version here:

    Olle Ljungdahl

    Ok, in the choice between the two, it will be Jumpstart. Thanks for swift reply. No time for betas right now. 😉 /O’

    Ervan Erfian

    Worked like a charm.. Just tested WP 3.5.1, Jump Start 1.0.0 & BuddyPress 1.7-beta2 Components, Groups, Members, Activity

    Note: Just noticed for breadcrumbs so far.

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