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Jump Start 2.0-beta2 fun and WooCommerce chit-chat

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    You’ve been busy! πŸ˜‰

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    Jason, this looks awesome πŸ™‚

    I did get asked by a student if the post filtering (assuming that’s Isotope stuff) would work for the WooCommerce product categories? I honestly haven’t gotten deep into WooCommerce enough to know if that’s even a valid question to ask, but I’m tossing it out there. Maybe that’s a bit much.

    I’d love to work this into the class I’m teaching now which goes for five more weeks. I might have time to slip it in — at least set up a few products for a demo. When will this be ready for playing with?


    Jason Bobich

    I did get asked by a student if the post filtering (assuming that’s Isotope stuff) would work for the WooCommerce product categories?

    No, this will be a down-the-road feature. I’ve spent too much time with WooCommerce. I’ve got to get this thing rolling along.

    Things like — Customizer support (for all new fancy theme options), more in-depth WooCommerce support, buddyPress support — are currently big things on my to-do list for later versions of Jump Start. These are things right now that’ll start to roll out as selling points as we go to 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc. My biggest problem is that I’m always adding features and perfecting products, and never releasing anything πŸ˜‰

    When will this be ready for playing with?

    Yeah I think I’m going to release a 2.0-beta3 in the next week or so, before releasing the 2.0-RC1.

    Jason Bobich

    @askwpgirl I also noticed before that you were putting together some demos and stuff for your class. I’m slowly chipping away at demo stuff. Here’s another site on the builder:

    Charlie Harper

    Jason, I just installed my 5th Woo site with your patch today. I am very much looking forward to this update. I appreciate your hard work.

    Jason Bobich

    Well hopefully soon, we won’t need that old patch! πŸ˜‰


    Just as a demo of the kind of isotope filtering that might be useful here is a demo site I have with woocommerce isotope filtering included. I developed this for ver 1.2.4, but it came into the new framework pretty effortlessly.

    Just want to point out the contextual display of second level product cats. I think this would be useful in woocommerce context. The demo site really pushes (or exceeds) the limit of the number of products that can be displayed this way based on pageload speed.

    Just something to think about down the road.
    Appreciate your work,

    Israel Curtis

    I have a memory of reading that as of beta2 that old patch wasn’t necessary already? I haven’t been using the plugin anymore — but I am still getting the standard WooCommerce warning dialog across the top:

    “Your theme does not declare WooCommerce support – if you encounter layout issues please read our integration guide or choose a WooCommerce theme :)”

    Any chance you’ll be declaring support to make WooCommerce happy before beta is over?

    Todd Wilson

    I’m also echoing what others are saying about having a demand for woocommerce integration. I already completed a jumpstart 1.2.4 + woocommerce project a few months back and suspect the demand for those types of ecommerce projects will continue.

    Nice work so far Jason with what you’ve presented with the woocommerce screenshots. I’m looking forward to the next beta release to check that out.

    Jason Bobich

    @johnnya23 The infrastructure is definitely there already in JS 2.0, but I think it’ll require more thought in terms of how this effects the user options. I know when I got into adding this to Post list/grid/showcase elements of the Builder, it got pretty complicated. It took me awhile to get that right.

    For me though, using this sorting for products seems more cool from the perspective of building a website, and developing in this cool animation and effects. But I can’t say I’ve really seen this type of thing when doing online shopping with big brands, in the real world. It seems to me that if you had a shop with a lot products, using WooCommerce’s layered navigation widgets in the sidebar seems more practical. But none the less, I can see this type of sorting with isotope being a selling feature with those looking to buy themes.

    @somatic Before the current iteration I’ve been working on (not released to anyone yet), I’ve never done anything within the theme for WooCommerce. So, it’s expected you’d get this message, because it shows up in any theme that hasn’t put this in there:


    … So the message doesn’t necessarily mean anything, other than the theme author hasn’t specifically declared support. But don’t worry, this message won’t be there in 2.0-beta3+.

    @todoubled Good to hear, because this was a nice long postponement in the release of 2.0. Look for it soon in v2.0-beta3 !


    Thanks for the demo link! That’s so helpful. I’ll take mine down once you have yours finalized.

    Do you know when the WooCommerce patch for JS 2.0 will be available?

    Jason Bobich

    Do you know when the WooCommerce patch for JS 2.0 will be available?

    There won’t be any more patch or plugin needed. In Jump Start 2.0-beta3+, you’ll have native WooCommerce support built-in. Working on getting it out soon.


    Hi, Any word on when Jump Start 2.0-beta3 will be out? Waiting to add Woo E-comm to a site that’s on Jump Start 2.0-beta2.


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