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Jump Start 2.0 RC1 – Get it before it's gone!

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    Jason Bobich

    Thanks everyone for all your testing and bug reports from beta3. The first (and possibly only) release candidate is ready. From your downloads you’ll see Jump Start 2.0-RC1 available for download.

    Important: Download this latest Jump Start 2.0-RC1 release as soon as possible, to make sure you have it before it goes away!

    This may be the last version before the official 2.0 release. I’m working hard on everything needed for the release, which I’m really hoping to get up before my wedding in mid June.


    Aside from some re-styling for bbPress topics and the addition of the “Naked Page” template, this update is mainly just little bug fixes from 2.0.0-beta3.

    • Added ThemeForest update system.
    • Added “Save Options” button to individual sections of Theme Options page.
    • Added “Naked Page” page template, which outputs a standard page without content background.
    • Added option to style bbPress pages like new naked page template, see Appearance > Theme Options > Plugins > bbPress.
    • Added theme debug info to output in <head> of site, see here.
    • Moved viewport meta tag closer to top of <head>.
    • Improved responsive display of Tabs element and [tabs] shortcode.
    • Improved thumbnail link hover icons.
    • Improved extendability of HTML5 output of background videos.
    • Improvements to bbPress styling and compatibility.
    • Allow “Display Width” of image element to override 100% responsive CSS fix for when within equal height columns.
    • Fixed: Header text option not outputting correctly with more than two icons.
    • Fixed: Product columns selections in WooCommerce theme options.
    • Fixed: Chat post format is supported, but wasn’t registered.
    • Fixed: Image center alignment issues.
    • Fixed: With ThemeForest update system, disabling backups didn’t work.
    • Fixed: When logged in, frontend lightbox will now display over admin bar.
    • Fixed: Sanitize out quotation marks when saving Google font name in typography Theme Options.
    • Fixed: Simple slider captions sitting on top of linked image slides.
    • Fixed: “Read More Text” option for post list and post grid builder element and shortcodes.
    • Fixed: Allow themeblvd_grid_class() to pull proper class for a 1/12 or 1/10 column, when given an integer representing number of equal height columns; previously only allowed integers 1-6.
    • Fixed: Minor issues with notices when saving framework admin pages in WordPress 4.2+.
    • Fixed: Missing closing HTML tags in mega menus.
    • Fixed: Minor HTML5 validation error in Promo Box element.
    • Fixed: Security vulnerabilities from add_query_arg(), see here.
    • Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.4.
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Viewing 2 replies - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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