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Jump Start 2.0 RC1 – Get it before it's gone!

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    Jason Bobich

    Thanks everyone for all your testing and bug reports from beta3. The first (and possibly only) release candidate is ready. From your downloads you’ll see Jump Start 2.0-RC1 available for download.

    Important: Download this latest Jump Start 2.0-RC1 release as soon as possible, to make sure you have it before it goes away!

    This may be the last version before the official 2.0 release. I’m working hard on everything needed for the release, which I’m really hoping to get up before my wedding in mid June.


    Aside from some re-styling for bbPress topics and the addition of the “Naked Page” template, this update is mainly just little bug fixes from 2.0.0-beta3.

    • Added ThemeForest update system.
    • Added “Save Options” button to individual sections of Theme Options page.
    • Added “Naked Page” page template, which outputs a standard page without content background.
    • Added option to style bbPress pages like new naked page template, see Appearance > Theme Options > Plugins > bbPress.
    • Added theme debug info to output in <head> of site, see here.
    • Moved viewport meta tag closer to top of <head>.
    • Improved responsive display of Tabs element and [tabs] shortcode.
    • Improved thumbnail link hover icons.
    • Improved extendability of HTML5 output of background videos.
    • Improvements to bbPress styling and compatibility.
    • Allow “Display Width” of image element to override 100% responsive CSS fix for when within equal height columns.
    • Fixed: Header text option not outputting correctly with more than two icons.
    • Fixed: Product columns selections in WooCommerce theme options.
    • Fixed: Chat post format is supported, but wasn’t registered.
    • Fixed: Image center alignment issues.
    • Fixed: With ThemeForest update system, disabling backups didn’t work.
    • Fixed: When logged in, frontend lightbox will now display over admin bar.
    • Fixed: Sanitize out quotation marks when saving Google font name in typography Theme Options.
    • Fixed: Simple slider captions sitting on top of linked image slides.
    • Fixed: “Read More Text” option for post list and post grid builder element and shortcodes.
    • Fixed: Allow themeblvd_grid_class() to pull proper class for a 1/12 or 1/10 column, when given an integer representing number of equal height columns; previously only allowed integers 1-6.
    • Fixed: Minor issues with notices when saving framework admin pages in WordPress 4.2+.
    • Fixed: Missing closing HTML tags in mega menus.
    • Fixed: Minor HTML5 validation error in Promo Box element.
    • Fixed: Security vulnerabilities from add_query_arg(), see here.
    • Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.4.
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    Wendell Harness

    Thanks to Angela for the great responses and discussion we had via email. I do actually own some other of Jason’s themes via ThemeForest. In fact, that’s what got me interested in JumpStart when it first came out. Knowing very little about ThemeForest other than a place to go buy a one-off theme, my initial reaction about WPJS going to ThemeForest caused me to panic a bit. I’ve put a lot of time and effort to use WPJS for a lot of projects and I didn’t want to lose it.

    Angela’s common sense and explanation regarding Jason’s current and future success in the industry makes all the sense in the world. In fact, when you stop and think about it, $65 for WPJS1 for an entire year is a massive bargain when you consider how many websites you could potentially build with it over the course of a year. In fact, I’d often wondered how Jason might be holding up with such a bargain basement pricing model.

    So, the ThemeForest model makes sense. Jason can stop worrying about maintaining all of these backend licensing issues and focus on making WPJS even better. It’s hard to imagine it getting any better, but I’m pretty sure he will find a way. Especially if it becomes his bread and butter, which would be deservedly so.

    I’ve tried a lot of different frameworks, themes, etc. and I latched on to WPJS for obvious reasons. It’s very well crafted and Jason is awesome at what he does. I’m more than happy to purchase a license each time I need it because the work is so brilliant and Theme Blvd should be a success.

    Enough schmoozing for now, I’ll save more for later. πŸ˜‰

    P.S. to Jason: Congrats on the upcoming wedding!


    Kinda bummed at this news. I have bought a few themes at ThemeForest (including your Akita) but I am generally not incredibly fond of that market!

    Your v1 license will be supported until it runs out.

    Does this mean you will not accept further renewals? And when our current license expires we cannot get further support for v1?

    For v2, which is essentially a brand new theme, yes, you will need to abide by ThemeForest licensing rules. However, Jump Start v2 (as all my other themes on ThemeForest) will be released as full GPL.

    Any full GPL item sold at ThemeForest is subject to GPL and NOT to ThemeForest licensing rules ( so a purchase there can be used in much the same was as a developer purchase here was used. Correct?

    But of course support is a different issue. For your existing JumpStart customers what do you recommend beyond “Get it before it’s gone!”? Should we purchase a single license for v2 on ThemeForest when it becomes available in order to continue to get support?

    Jason Bobich

    @mike-se @askwpgirl @uniquethink @harnesstech Thanks for the kind words, guys.

    Kinda bummed at this news. I have bought a few themes at ThemeForest (including your Akita) but I am generally not incredibly fond of that market!


    Aw, don’t be bummed! ThemeForest really provides a much wider audience, and the majority of my current business comes from there. Trust me when I say that this move will help for the longevity of the product and its growth.

    With the setup of Envato marketplace, they’re taking care of the mechanism for the sale, licensing, and hosting the files for distribution. But beyond that, I’d like to think you’re purchasing from me, as an author. I provide all the support here on this site, and build updates into the WordPress dashboard, pulling from Envato’s API system behind the scenes.

    So, hopefully your actual marketplace interaction will be kept to a minimal πŸ˜‰

    Does this mean you will not accept further renewals? And when our current license expires we cannot get further support for v1?

    Yes, this is correct.

    Any full GPL item sold at ThemeForest is subject to GPL and NOT …

    I don’t really want to comment much on the legalities of licensing, as this will be handled by the Envato marketplace.

    But yes, while the literal files of code you download at any given time are GPL — support, updates, distribution, and overall ongoing access to a product that must evolve over time with the market, are all things to consider that you’re getting with each license. Also, keep in mind that providing the files as GPL is a courtesy that I provide customers; this is optional for authors, and you will find most authors on ThemeForest do not do this.

    You can find a lot of discussion on the Envato forums and you can contact Envato support, as well, for further clarification.

    For your existing JumpStart customers what do you recommend beyond β€œGet it before it’s gone!”? Should we purchase a single license for v2 on ThemeForest when it becomes available in order to continue to get support?

    You’ll have v1 support until your license runs out. If you would like to upgrade to Jump Start v2 you’ll need purchase it on ThemeForest.

    It’s been exciting to see what people are already doing with the 2.0 beta, and I would really love to see as many customers as possible move to Jump Start 2.

    All support for both v1 and v2 will be happening here in the same Jump Start forum where everyone still has access during this transitional period until the last v1 license runs out. So in terms of discussion and being in the loop and all, no one is getting locked out or anything.


    Thanks Jason! A couple more thoughts/questions…

    I am well aware of the fact that very few (4 or 5?) Envato authors license as GPL and I am very grateful to those like you who do! And I try to buy from this small group whenever possible.

    And I am quite familiar with the WordPress/Envato conflict over GPL that resulted in Envato making 100% GPL an option as a way to avoid being in direct conflict with the greater WordPress community. I am disappointed that this ended up being somewhat of a token effort but, as I said above, I truly appreciate folks like you who support GPL!

    So, will this website with the v1 docs stay online or should we be archiving a copy for posterity?

    Will the plugins available for v1 work with v2 or perhaps they are not necessary?

    Darryl Schmidt

    You know, cost really isn’t a factor for me because any additional costs, if any, would just be passed on to customers in the end anyways. I currently use four different commercial frameworks and purchase the occasional theme from ThemeForest when needed. I quite like the ThemeForest marketplace and it’s the first place I look when I need something specific, so I don’t have any “knee-jerk” reaction to it.

    Perhaps, it’s the explanation of the situation or maybe I’m just an old man that hates change, but the one year license that I just purchased for “Jump Start” did not state at any time during the sale or on the invoice that it was only for version one. Your own terms and conditions state that: “With your purchase of Jump Start or any other products on, free updates will be provided for a term of one year from the time of purchase. After one year, a new license will need to be purchased in order to continue receiving updates.”

    Just to reiterate, I quite like ThemeForest, WP Jump Start, V1, V2, I’ve always thought Jump Start was too cheap, and Jason seems like a fine person with a nice looking dog.
    What irks me is the way this was dropped, and how the licensing terms were just ignored.

    Jason Bobich

    @johnsimpson Remember that all of my themes, including Jump Start, run on the same Theme Blvd Framework. These plugins and developer documentation apply to the Theme Blvd Framework, in general, and not just Jump Start (unless specifically stated in a given article).

    Jump Start v1, Alyeska, Akita, Barely Corporate, Swagger, Arcadian, and Commodore all contain Theme Blvd Framework v2.4. Jump Start v2 is the first theme to contain the next iteration of the Theme Blvd framework, which is v2.5.

    So, will this website with the v1 docs stay online or should we be archiving a copy for posterity?

    Are you referring to Yes, the website is not going anywhere, and will be even be expanded and improved over time. In fact, with maybe a few minor edits needed here or there, pretty much all articles originally posted for framework 2.4 (Jump Start v1) are still relevant in framework 2.5 (Jump Start v2).

    Where it starts to get confusing is I’m starting to post new articles that only apply to Theme Blvd Framework 2.5+. So, in the future when the site gets redesigned, I want to have a better way of more clearly labelling/tagging articles with what framework version(s) they apply to.

    Will the plugins available for v1 work with v2 or perhaps they are not necessary?

    All plugins on should state what versions of Theme Blvd Framework they support. All of the essential plugins — Layout Builder, Shortcodes, Widget Pack, Widget Areas — work with Theme Blvd Framework 2.2+.

    What irks me is the way this was dropped, and how the licensing terms were just ignored.

    @darrylschmidt In honesty, we both know you could paste any sentence here and interpret to mean any number of things. We could go around in circles debating what is meant by this sentence, or that sentence.

    Jump Start v2 is a new theme shown here, which I could have just as easily named something else all together, which I will be selling at ThemeForest. I realize some of the confusion here may have come from posting the 2.0-beta, but I was trying to do something nice for customers here in support by posting it publicly, when normally I do this privately for a select group of people. advertises a one-year license to updates and support for the product shown here; no where does the sales site show a screenshot, link to a demo, or even mention this new theme.

    I am sincerely apologetic that you have come to this interpretation. I think you know that I did not mean to deceive you, or anyone, and I’ve done my best to be as transparent, honest, and forthcoming as possible.

    But to say that that licensing terms were ignored couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m going to great lengths to support my customers, in the same way I have done the last six years of selling WordPress themes.


    Jason could have easily named the new theme something else and started selling it at ThemeForest and not even mentioned it here. He could use ThemeForest’s stricter license. He could have decided NOT to make v2RC1 available to all of us to download at no charge!

    As far as I can tell he has gone WAY beyond what would be reasonable for a dev to do. He deserves our Respect and Appreciation!!!


    Hear, hear! I cant sing Jason’s praises high enough and its awesome to see a lot of people in here backing him. Just go talk to a developer about building something even remotely similar to JS if you have issue, guarantee that conversation will cost your more than the licensing fee.

    I seriously don’t know how you find the time to answer all our questions and still build an incredible product.

    Thank you.


    i purchased an update to JS a few months ago just to get access to V2 – and have loved the product. JS has been $65/year – and Themeforest is $60/site/unlimited years – is that correct? Kind of a bummer for the smaller sites (all my own) that I have had on JS. Hope the move is a good one for you Jason – you deserve huge success with this.

    Jason Bobich

    Themeforest is $60/site/unlimited years – is that correct?

    I can’t tell you what the price will be, as this will be determined by ThemeForest, assuming the product is accepted. Yes, their licensing states that you’re paying this given price, for each site usage.

    About a year ago Envato first announced they’re planning to change the structure of licensing on their marketplace. There was a lot of community shock and confusion, typical of any big changes anywhere, of course.

    Anyway, this was supposed to happen in early 2015, but these changes haven’t happened yet, nor have they been clearly defined. From my understanding, the gist is that they’re going to come up with some structure that involves paying for support (i.e. communication with the author, NOT access to the downloadable product) separately that doesn’t come in the form of “life-time” or “unlimited” terms.


    That seems to be the way things are moving – one price for the product, another for support and support is annual renewal. Makes sense – providing lifetime support at no cost is a sure road to product decay and death – want to make sure you get to keep eating πŸ™‚

    Jason Bobich

    Yes, I do enjoy eating!


    Hi Jason,

    So…I’ve read through this thread and I think I understand what’s going to happen with licensing.

    My dilemma/questions:

    I maintain several websites in JumpStart v1.x. My license for these expires in mid-June. I’ll have to talk to clients about migrating to v2, but that could span over 2 years depending on their finances, etc.

    I’m currently developing a new site in v2 RC1 and expect to pay to upgrade to the release when it goes live on Envato.

    Do I renew my license for v1 to keep getting support on v1 and v2 RC2? Can I still even renew? How’s that transition going to work with respect support?


    Jason Bobich

    @rwbroome There won’t be any more major releases to Jump Start 1. However, I will continue to provide patch updates, as needed, and provide support here via the forums until the current licenses you have expire. So, this will run up to roughly a year from now. Whether you’re using v1 or v2, you’ll still be communicating here in the same forum.

    Please note that v2 RC2 was simply a free development version I’ve posted for people to try. While I’ve been helping people here and there in hopes to identify potential issues with it, this is not technically supported with your v1 license.

    I’ve sent you a personal email with a little bit more information to the address I have for you on your account here.

    Joseph Sellers

    Ok, first off, thank you @themeblvd for the awesome theme and support.

    I was really delighted with the direction that Jump Start 2 was going and really appreciate all the effort that has gone into it.

    That said, I specifically picked out a theme that was independent of Themeforest and wanted to support a business with a recognisable person behind it.

    I will use the RC version until I find something else but this is the end of the road as far as I am concerned.

    I certainly don’t blame you for making the switch if it makes financial sense and I am not complaining. I just want to make sure you know that there are some of us who liked the way you ran things before and who won’t follow on Jump Start’s journey to Themeforest.

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