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Jump Start 2.0 Beta #3

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    Jason Bobich

    Thank you for your patience, everyone! Jump Start 2.0-beta3 is now available in your Downloads section, along with new sample data and a blank example child theme.

    Live Demos and Sample Data

    I know most of you didn’t know quite what I was up to, but the majority of this delay between beta releases has been creating these demos and working the kinks out of a built-in system that will allow you to copy them to your own sites. After watching the video tutorial, you’ll see it’s a very simple process and not quite like anything else out there.

    So, please checkout the live demos and try to copy them to your own fresh installations of WordPress, as starting points for your own websites!

    Video Tutorial:

    Plugin Compatibility

    • WooCommerce: A lot of work was done to, not only add compatibility for WooCommerce, but add theme-specific enhancements. You’ll find some theme options appear on your theme options page when you activate WooCommerce. Also the live demo #5 and demo #7 are examples of online shops.
    • Gravity Forms: I’ve combed through Gravity Form‘s CSS to try and get all of its options as compatible as I could (see live examples).
    • Revolution Slider: I’ve added basic compatibility for Revolution Slider plugin. You’ll now find a corresponding element in the Layout Builder when the plugin is active.

    A tip when using Revolution Slider element: If you’ve built a full-width or full-screen slider, use our Layout Builder’s “popout” feature in the element’s display options (see screenshot and live example).


    For you nerds that want the whole shebang of everything changed, here it is.

    • Added WooCommerce support.
    • Added Gravity Forms support.
    • Added Revolution Slider support.
    • Added “Sidebar Widgets” styling section to Theme Options for all theme bases.
    • Added theme support for title-tag in WP 4.1+
    • Added a little design flare to alert component, to look less Bootstrap’ish.
    • Added “tb_square_medium” crop size, 500×500.
    • Added filter for custom logo image in sticky menu, see tutorial.
    • Added user website URL display for bbPress user profiles.
    • Added custom height option for page banners.
    • Added max-width option for Promo Box element.
    • Added max-width and text-center options for Content element.
    • Added support for new “Blend Up/Down” section display option in Builder, and increased default top/bottom padding for sections.
    • Added icon/text insert to Divider element.
    • Added $size param to themeblvd_post_thumbnail filter, helps FILO plugin.
    • Added option to hide gutters in post showcase.
    • Added option to center header logo in Super User and Executive theme bases.
    • Added option to center main menu buttons in Super User and Executive theme bases.
    • Added option to insert search popup into main menu for Super User and Executive theme bases.
    • Added color selection to custom font option of Entrepreneur theme base.
    • Added border option for content areas of all theme bases, when using the stretch layout.
    • Added custom color option for main menu dividers in Super User and Executive theme bases.
    • Added background color opacity option for main menu in Super User and Executive theme bases.
    • Added new textures: Circles, Crystal, Hexagons, Polygons, Pyramids, Skulls, Tiles, and Waves
    • Added option to shade page banner images with transparent color.
    • Added filters for displaying theme menu locations, see here.
    • Added video_background option type.
    • Added support for responsive visibility options for columns and sections in Builder.
    • Added video background support in Layout Builder sections, page banners, and theme base header background options.
    • Improvements to WP [caption] shortcode, and auto lightbox integration.
    • Improvements, structural changes, and option changes to header of Executive theme base.
    • Improvements to displaying icons in menus, including using FontAwesome’s fa-fw class.
    • Allow header in Entrepreneur theme base to be configured with no background color.
    • Allow copyright helpers %site_title% and %year% to work with content element of builder (for Footer Template Sync feature).
    • Mobile menu toggle button will now match menu highlight color on Entrepreneur base.
    • Expanded widget area assignments, requires 1.2.4 update to Theme Blvd Widget Areas plugin.
    • Expanded “background” option type image sizing options.
    • Darkened body text in WordPress page editor.
    • CSS tweaks to buttons.
    • Improved appearance of text logo option with Entrepreneur theme base.
    • Improvements to styling of default widgets with lists.
    • Improvements to default WP [gallery] integration.
    • Improvements (really minor) to Magnific Popup lightbox styling.
    • Mobile navigation toggle now displays at tablet viewport and in right of header, across all theme bases.
    • Main menu font size made smaller for tablets and sticky menu to fit more buttons.
    • Updated to FontAwesome 4.3.
    • Minor styling improvements for bbPress.
    • Changed Jumbotron element titles to use <h2> tags to fit in with header Typography on Theme Options page.
    • Improvements to Icon Box element.
    • Improvements to WPML language switcher, using WPML’s various options and using on mobile.
    • Simplified header padding options for Super User theme base to desktop only.
    • Increased bottom margin on page titles.
    • Added some very basic IE8 support.
    • Fixed: Image cropping with tb_x_large, tb_large, and tb_medium sizes.
    • Fixed: Post Showcase (no masonry) not displaying right with excerpts.
    • Fixed: Breadcrumbs, when bbPress is installed, was taking over breadcrumbs all over the website.
    • Fixed: Added missing breadcrumbs for bbPress user profiles.
    • Fixed: bbPress tag_list PHP error at the top of topics when “Lead Topic” option is disabled.
    • Fixed: Custom padding not applying to “popout” elements in Builder.
    • Fixed: Issues with nag regarding Theme Options not matching Theme Base on initial theme install, with default Developer base selected.
    • Fixed: Blog display option not displaying “full content” when selected, instead of excerpts.
    • Fixed: Slider option type not allowing you to inert images less than 200px wide. This was most evident when trying to use the Partner Logos element in the Builder and using small logo images.
    • Fixed: When a layout section has repeating background set to parallax, it would get stretched on mobile.
    • Fixed: In Promo Box element, when button is displayed below text, text alignment should be centered.
    • Fixed: Technorati image icon in social icons.
    • Fixed: “Preview Changes” not working correctly when inserting current page’s content into custom layout.
    • Fixed: “Save as Draft” not working for custom layout pages.
    • Fixed: Issues with “Blank Page” page template.
    • Fixed: themeblvd_get_option() not returning 0 string value.
    • Fixed: Minor CSS issues with WordPress native self-hosted videos, mainly in Firefox.
    • Fixed: Description not showing with milestone ring element.
    • Fixed: Builder API function themeblvd_add_builder_element() was not outputting custom element on frontend.
    • Fixed: Browser horizontal scroll bars with “Popout” selected on Column Element in Builder.
    • Fixed: Heading placeholders displaying in mobile version of mega menus.
    • Fixed: PHP warnings when using custom queries with Builder elements.
    • Fixed: Display errors on author archives when permalinks are *disabled*.
    • Fixed: When selecting “color” social icons in the header, icons didn’t display correctly in mobile menu.
    • Fixed: Tooltips for social icons in mobile menu now hidden to avoid odd behavior.
    • Fixed: 404 pages not displaying with same styling as all other pages, with wrapped content.
    • Fixed: With image element in Builder, descriptive text will also now get used for title tag if image is a link, and thus show in lightbox popup.
    • Fixed: With image element in Builder, PHP error when linking image to webpage.
    • Fixed: With WPML, when creating language variation of a page, custom layout will get copied to new page.
    • The following functions have been deleted. These functions were simply action wrappers. For the most part, as long as you haven’t (as suggested not to do) moved main template files header.php, footer.php, sidebar-right.php, or sidebar-left.php to your child theme, this shouldn’t effect you.
      • themeblvd_head()
      • themeblvd_before()
      • themeblvd_header_top()
      • themeblvd_header_above()
      • themeblvd_header_content()
      • themeblvd_header_menu()
      • themeblvd_header_after()
      • themeblvd_featured_start()
      • themeblvd_featured()
      • themeblvd_featured_end()
      • themeblvd_main_start()
      • themeblvd_main_top()
      • themeblvd_breadcrumbs()
      • themeblvd_before_layout()
      • themeblvd_main_bottom()
      • themeblvd_main_end()
      • themeblvd_featured_below_start()
      • themeblvd_featured_below()
      • themeblvd_featured_below_end()
      • themeblvd_footer_before()
      • themeblvd_footer_above()
      • themeblvd_footer_content()
      • themeblvd_footer_sub_content()
      • themeblvd_footer_below()
      • themeblvd_footer_after()
      • themeblvd_after()
      • themeblvd_header_logo()
      • themeblvd_header_addon()
      • themeblvd_header_menu_addon()
      • themeblvd_sidebars()
    Note: Make sure to update the Theme Blvd Layout Builder plugin and Portfolios plugin, as this is required for everything you see in the live demos.
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    Wendell Harness

    I’d just like to say that I’ve tried and failed miserably to break the import/export features. I’ve imported and exported templates, and imported several demos without any trouble at all. It’s just too gosh-darned useful and well-implemented that I can’t seem to break it. Doggone it all to heck.

    Jason Bobich

    @harnesstech That is definitely good to hear!


    Thanks Jason – and when you are ready for marking I’m happy to write a testimonial.


    I’ve run into a bit of a snag.

    When I try to edit my homepage and go to open up one of the sections I get this error:

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, open the script in the debugger, or let the script continue.

    Script: http://staging1.returntohorses…nymce.min.js?ver=4107-20150118:8

    I turned off all my plugins and reactivated them one by one and if I just have the TB plugins activated it works fine.

    So far I’ve found several different plugins that when I activate them the error reappears. These include Contact Form 7, Tiny MCE Advanced, WP Views and SiteGround Cachepress. Only Contact Form 7 is a showstopper for me but if you have any suggestions how to get it working that would be helpful – I can shut off the plugins, and do the edit and then turn them back on again and the site runs fine- it’s only editing that is an issue.

    I set up a staging area and the error duplicated.

    Site: and


    Jason apologies. As idiot resistant as you made the import of demos. This idiot found a way to break it. I tried to import each of the demos all work out fine except Demo 1. Down loaded fresh files and still no hawley.

    Jumpstart 2 beta3.

    Jason Bobich

    @sharonq So, are you saying that Contact Form 7 is what you’ve identified as being what causes the conflict, when combined with Theme Blvd plugins, that is?

    @johnmos Can you explain what you mean when you say it doesn’t work? What happens? Is it just that you’re getting notices after import has finished? Or does the import process not work?


    @sharonq – I think there may be something funny going on in your child theme’s functions.php file, because Contact Form 7 shouldn’t throw those errors, nor should any of the other plugins. I do find that if there is one little thing wrong in the child theme’s functions.php file, it will cause everything else to go haywire. I wonder if you could paste the code from that file into your reply.


    Quick update – if editing my homepage I am getting the script error even with only TB plugins – at this point I am shutting off all plugins for editing (except layout) and turning them back on after editing or none of my changes are being accepted.


    One of the things I love about this new JS is (so far) I have not had to touch any php so my child theme loos like:

    /* Run Theme Blvd framework (required)
    require_once( get_template_directory() . '/framework/themeblvd.php' );
    /* Start Child Theme

    And Jason It not Contact Form 7 anymore – I turned off all the plugins and restarted one by one and it hiccuped when I turned on CF 7 but since then it is showing the script error with it off and even with only your plugins on.

    Sorry for breaking JS….

    Jason Bobich

    @sharonq When you’re messing around with getting these errors, and switching around plugins and what not, just remember to keep clearing your web browser cache. From a technical aspect, it’s difficult to explain the reasoning, but WP has a really — let’s call it “sticky” — way of including all the scripts in the admin and mashing many of them together as one. I’ve seen it many times when there is a javascript error in the admin (especially Edit Page screen because it’s the most complex), it’s hard to get rid of it because of caching — and so you realize it’s just happening in the web browser you’re using, at the time.


    When importing demo 1 it seems to just stop. In the process the finale (the one that tells you to have fun) page is blank. I take a look around the site background. Only the images have imported. Everything else is the same as it was. Oddly i tried the other demo installs after trying Demo 1.

    I just of something that I didn’t. Leaving the imported author name. I check this now. I’ll be back.

    Jason Bobich

    @johnmos The demo #1 is by far the largest and takes the longest to import. It’s very possible that if you’re doing this on a live host, they have a setting that’s timing it out.


    Nope just does want to do it. Did import images and authors nothing else.

    Jason Bobich

    It’s an export XML from the live demo site generated by WordPress. So if it’s not importing, you haven’t reached any thing that’s being done by the Jump Start theme… We’re just talking about the standard WP export/import system. It’s working over here and for others. There has to be some sort of timeout issue or something to do with the fact that simply it’s too large. Not really sure what else it could be?

    One way to see if it’s a timeout issue is to uncheck the box that says to import the images… This will speed the process tremendously. Also you should have wp_debug on so any php errors are printed out. Things don’t break for no reason 😉


    @johnmos – I have had imports timeout (not with this file but with others), but if you repeat the import process repeatedly, it will eventually import all the posts.

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