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Jump Start 2.0 Beta #2, Merry Christmas!

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    Jason Bobich

    About a month ago, I posted Jump Start 2.0-beta1, and now it’s time for v2.0-beta2. You’ll find this second beta now available in your account’s Downloads section.

    This update primarily caters to the non-developer user experience, adding two new theme bases, and improving options in the Super User theme base.


    Here’s the full changelog going from v2.0-beta1 to v2.0-beta2… mostly just little bug fixes and minor additions.

    • Added two new theme bases; see Appearance > Theme Base.
    • Added system to check if saved theme options match selected theme base.
    • Added “Custom CSS” option utilizing code editor to all theme bases (except Developer).
    • Added editor stylesheet for editing posts and pages.
    • Added unique HTML ID’s to sections of custom layouts like page-slug-section-1.
    • Added Portfolios plugin to recommended plugins when installing theme.
    • Added integration for FontAwesome icons in header text option by using
      %name-of-icon%. (See screenshots)
    • Expanded options for divider component.
    • Fixed responsiveness of Promo Box element.
    • Fixed issues with new Footer Sync feature and using Columns element. Make sure to update Layout Builder plugin to v2.0.2, also.
    • Fixed “color” value of “typography” option type.
    • Fixed Google fonts not getting applied, when set from Theme Options page.
    • Fixed bug with not being able to apply background color opacity to display options for columns in the Columns element.
    • Various little fixes and enhancements to Super User theme base and selecting various options.
    • Fixed bug where controls of Gallery post slider moves entire outer post grid slider.
    • Fixed admin bar for logged-in user, viewing site on mobile.
    • Fixed “Column Height” force of Columns element, in Firefox.
    • Fixed issues with main menu “plus” icons showing when activating a plugin that adds FontAwesome.
    • Fixed issues with “No, don’t apply featured image link to single post” in post options.
    • Fixed Post Showcase page template pulling crop size for Post Grids.
    • Fixed fatal error with WooCommerce.
    • Little fixes to WPML compatibility.
    • When header top bar is empty, it will not display (i.e. no header text, social icons, or searchform set to show). Except with Entrepreneur base, will be hidden if there’s no header text.
    • Primary Navigation no longer has HTML ID “tb-primary-menu” and instead has the class “tb-primary-menu” — Take this into account if you were using #tb-primary-menu to do any custom menu styling, and instead now use .tb-primary-menu.
    • On small mobile devices (480px and below), all buttons .btn are now styled as block-level elements.


    A couple of our little plugins have been updated to work with the Jump Start 2.0.

    1. Portfolios — Incorporate a portfolio item custom post type
    2. Theme Blvd Layouts to Posts — Apply custom template from Builder to posts

    If you’ve found other little Theme Blvd plugins that are not working, just let us know and I can add them to the list. Theme Blvd Image Sizes is still on the to-do list.

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    Jason Bobich

    I’m not sure I’m quite following the logic of the error you’re getting and that specific issue, but I can tell you that I am aware about the issue of the empty slide on importing a sample layout and have it already fixed for the next update.


    Bug: Windows Chrome Desktop

    If we resize the browser window to toggle the off canvas menu, it does not display. The body will animate out, no menu displayed. Initial thoughts is CSS?
    Works fine using Chrome on Mobile.


    I’m not sure I understand what you are saying, but I have not been having that problem. Once again I may be misunderstanding you.

    On a related issue I have noticed that “placeholder” mega menu items do appear on the #tb-side-menu-wrapper. I personally would not expect them to display. I am handling them with this.

    #tb-side-menu-wrapper .placeholder > span {
    	display: none;
    #tb-side-menu-wrapper .placeholder > ul {
    	margin-top: -14px;
    Jason Bobich

    @mizzinc I create all this stuff using the Chrome browser. I tested on Windows today, but am not seeing the issue I think you’re describing. Maybe this is an older version of Chrome you’re using? Or some other issue on your computer?


    @johnnya23 You’re talking about when you check the box, “Display as transparent placeholder,” right? Yeah, that shouldn’t show. I’ll fix that.


    @themeblvd Interesting, I just relaunched Chrome and it updated to v40.0.2214.115 which seems to have resolved this. Nuts! Two grey hairs for that exercise.

    Vinko Prelac

    first of all it’s great to see Jump Start growing in power and features – I’m glad I renewed my subscription 🙂
    Now, I get this when trying to add images in the layout builder:
    Result is that I can’t add images…

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?

    Jason Bobich

    @vinko Hi Vinko, Right now in your version there’s a bug where if the crop size you’re inserting doesn’t exist, you get the error you’re getting. — There’s no fallback to say, ok that crop size doesn’t exist, pull the full-size image. We had discovered the bug in another topic for a little bit different scenario, but I have a feeling it’s the same issue effecting you.

    There’s a patch here, if you want to try applying it and letting me know if it solves your issue, as well:

    Vinko Prelac

    @themeblvd Thanks! That fixed the problem.


    What method(s) might you have in Jumpstart2.0 for making a Photo or Video appear in a Lightbox?

    Is there a rel=”Lightbox” or a shortcode or a TB Plugin for this?

    Also, I added a plugin to make a link scroll slowly to a section. It would be ideal if Jump Start 2 had this built in (with variations or controls) as it would go nicely with the Sections you have added into the Templates elements. It exists already on the Back To Top link you have.


    Jason Bobich

    What method(s) might you have in Jumpstart2.0 for making a Photo or Video appear in a Lightbox?

    Nothing has really changed I don’t think. You’d just use the [lightbox] shortcode.

    See here:

    Also, I added a plugin to make a link scroll slowly to a section. It would be ideal if Jump Start 2 had this built in (with variations or controls) as it would go nicely with the Sections you have added into the Templates elements. It exists already on the Back To Top link you have.

    Probably not something that’ll go with 2.0 release, but has been talked about a bit. —


    Incredible. Great tutorial.

    Is there a Close Lightbox Icon? My system only lets me close it with the ESC key.

    Jason Bobich

    When you’re logged into your admin, the WP admin bar covers it is all.

    Wendell Harness

    I see that html5.js kicks in for IE8 and below. However, it doesn’t seem to be taking care of business. Any thoughts on this?

    As you can see in the image above, the logo doesn’t show and the various elements are in disarray. The real website is

    I hate that I have to fix ANYTHING for IE8, but do you have any insight on this?

    Jason Bobich

    @harnesstech I’m not going to be supporting IE8 officially moving forward, but I do want things to be readable. I’ve looked at the things in your screenshot and was able to fix them fairly easily, for the most part. It was mainly just columns not working (because they use Bootstrap grid system which uses @media queries, not supported in IE8) and responsive images needing tweaking. — These issues are not related to html5.js, which seems to be working fine, as far as I can tell.

    Meredith Sasseen

    I’m looking for the Super User Child Theme download link. It wasn’t in the email with links I received when I purchased. Thanks so much!

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