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Jump Start 2.0.1 update

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    Jason Bobich

    And it’s here! — The first update to follow the giant 2.0 release. This update mainly includes little fixes for issues users found and things that I meant to have removed before publishing 2.0, but had forgotten — In other words, general framework cleanup.

    Aside from that, here are things that I would consider most notable about this update:

    Parallax Image Backgrounds

    How parallax image backgrounds work was completely re-written to use a better hardware-accelerated CSS approach. If you’ve got a giant custom layout or you’re looking at your site on a retina screen, you’ll most definitely see a noticeable difference in performance, as you scroll.

    Also the “Parallax Intensity” options were removed. This is meant to simplify things, as the parallax movement is determined by the size of the displayed image, in relation to the area being covered.

    In practical terms, for those of you that have configured big parallax image backgrounds, this may effect the alignment of your images. Images are now aligned to be more middle-orientated than before. If you’re trying to make sure a particular part of your image shows (like the face of a person, for example), you’ll get the best results by making sure that portion is closer towards the center of the image, opposed to the top of the image.

    Customizer API

    Although the Jump Start theme wasn’t doing anything with the customizer, the framework itself had some integration built-in and some API functions like themeblvd_add_customizer_section() that you could use as a starting point. I had intended for this all to be removed before publishing 2.0, as it was originally created at a time before WordPress started transforming the customizer into something meant to be used for much more than just theme styling options.

    If you have questions about integrating customizer options from default WordPress instructions so they will line-up and update your Jump Start theme options page options, feel free to start a support topic and ask.

    Full Changelog

    • Updated Theme Blvd framework to 2.5.1
    • Cleaned up and optimized assets in /framework directory, reducing file size by about 2MB.
    • New: CSS class “has-nav” to footer copyright area if Footer Navigation location has menu.
    • New: More accuracy for opacity selections.
    • New: In custom layouts, “visible” CSS class gets added to top-level elements and sections as you scroll down the page.
    • Improvement: General comments template and comments link logic.
    • Improvement: Allow WooCommerce shop to accept theme-related options from original static page.
    • Improvement: Hero unit full-screen horizontal alignment, when text is aligned left or right.
    • Improvement: Parallax background image performance.
    • Fixed: Responsiveness of images with captions.
    • Fixed: Awkward spacing of captions on slider captions; now vertically centered.
    • Fixed: Portfolios and portfolio tags not showing in portfolio item sub meta.
    • Fixed: Columns in custom layouts with backgrounds had margin below, when stacking for mobile.
    • Fixed: Incorrect file permissions of files at /framework/assets/svg/ for those uploading the theme manually outside of WordPress.
    • Fixed: Theme’s default WPML language selector listing languages without translations.
    • Fixed: System for generating FontAwesome icon selections in admin.
    • Fixed: Minor admin compatibility issue with WPML 3.2 update.
    • Fixed: Minor admin styling issues with WordPress 4.3.
    • Fixed: Outputted Google Font name CSS declarations not being in quotes.
    • Removed: Parallax intensity options; now it’s based on height of image, proportional to container.
    • Removed: Default customizer customizations and framework customizer API functions.
    • Regenerated default localization files.
    • Updated Bootstrap to 3.3.5.
    • Updated FontAwesome to 4.4.

    Important! For best results with this update:

    • You should update to the latest version of the Theme Blvd Layout Builder plugin.
    • You should update to the latest version of the Theme Blvd Shortcodes plugin.
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    Parallax Image Background doesn’t seem to work at all. Even on the the Demo sites.

    Jason Bobich

    Parallax Image Background doesn’t seem to work at all. Even on the the Demo sites.

    What web browser does it not work in specifically? Did you clear your browser cache, so you’re sure you’re looking at the latest assets? Can you link me to a specific example of a page where a parallax image isn’t working?

    Mary Makowsky

    Not sure if there is another place for bug reports but I’m seeing a quirk in the Appearance menu in admin. I’m using Chrome Version 45.0.2454.85 (64-bit) in iOS 10.10.5.

    Just FYI. 🙂

    Jason Bobich

    Hi Mary,

    Hm, I don’t think this is anything to do with the theme? I saw this randomly on a site the other day, and so I cleared my Chrome browser cache, refreshed the page a couple of times, and it went away. Not really sure on that one.

    Mary Makowsky

    That seems to have fixed it. Thanks!

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