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Jetpack Comments Crash Theme Blvd mobile theme

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    Hi Jason,

    I’ve meant to write to you about this for awhile, and I can’t remember if I did, but here’s the issue:

    1 – Install Jetpack

    2 – Go to Settings > Sharing

    3 – Check boxes for “Show buttons on” — doesn’t matter if you have any buttons selected or not.

    4 – View a page that shows the buttons on iPhone 5.

    5 – Browser crashes. All Theme Blvd themes.

    6 – Activate Jetpack Mobile Theme – crash goes away or uncheck boxes in Settings > Sharing so share buttons are not invoked at all. Again, it doesn’t matter which or if any social sharing buttons are selected. Simply loading the sharing on the site crashes browsers on iPhone 5.

    I tried to troubleshoot this with Jetpack staff and didn’t make any headway.

    A student wrote to me today because he is having same issue with Akita or Alyeska site.

    The only solution is to not use Jetpack sharing or to use Jetpack’s mobile theme.

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    I misspoke. It’s not the social sharing on Jetpack. I de-activated all Jetpack features, and the posts don’t crash. I have social sharing off right now but some other features on, and it crashes. It’s only single posts. I am trying to eliminate which feature it is. I’ll post back shortly.


    Okay, I have a friend here, so we are both using our iPhone 5s and testing to narrow down the issue…


    The winner is…


    So, Jetpack Sharing and Likes are okay after all, but having Jetpack Comments turned on seems to be the culprit. Not sure why I had thought it was the Sharing before. I may not have eliminated properly. I looked at a few other sites with Jetpack Sharing enabled, and they don’t crash iOS iPhone 5 Safari, so now I guess I’ve narrowed it down to Jetpack Comments.

    Jason Bobich

    Hey Angela,

    See here for the quick CSS fix:

    In the next version of Jump Start, this will be irrelevant, though. So, don’t worry.


    Glad there’s a fix. I really like Jetpack comments. Thanks!

    Charlie Harper

    Omg this topic was on time!

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