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Issues with getting child theme CSS to apply, Jump Start 2.0-beta3

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    One small thing that drove me a bit batty today.

    I have created a child theme.

    When I go to the editor (like I used to with JS) I see:

    /* Your custom CSS here */

    so I put my custom CSS there – and it didn’t work – but after using this theme for a few days I have learned that every time I want to do something and try to do it the old way and get stuck if I look there is a new elegant way to do it and sure enough I found Custom CSS in Theme Options. Added my custom CSS and it worked perfectly.

    I added this line to my style css to look like this to remind me not to edit there:

    /* Use Theme Options, Styles, Custom CSS */

    It was the “your custom CSS here” note that had me confused – so one thought that would help users like me would be to remove that line or replace it with one pointing users to Theme Options instead.

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