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Is this a limitation of using javascript in a widget?

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    I have javascript for a form that displays in a text widget. There is a “hidden element” in the form that places the label for the field in the form directly in the field and disappears as soon as someone starts to enter their information (similar to the “search the site…” label in the search field on this discussion forum site). It used to work in complexity however it behaves differently in Commodore depending on the browser.

    When I use Safari 7.1, the label appears inside the field but doesn’t disappear when user begins typing. They have to delete the label name.

    When I use Firefox 32.0.3, the label appears beside the field as if the “hidden element” wasn’t included in the form.

    Is there a way I can get around this or is this a limitation of the text widget?

    Thank you.


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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Steve,

    This all depends on the specific javascript code that is used in the widget. There’s no limitation that says you just can’t use javascript, but as with any thing, all javascript on the page has to jive with each other. In all honesty, there’s no way for me to really answer your question in a general way, other than that. But if the javascript you’re using conflicts with the theme, and it’s not something you’ve personally written that you can debug, there’s probably not going to be much room to work around it.

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