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image Issue

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    So I have a strange issue where my test version of the site allows me to add images to pages/post but my live version of the site does not it returns a error

    Maximum call stack size exceeded                             of-medialibrary-uploader.min.js:1

    While this isn’t a bug or really an issue what is strange is that the file /jumpstart/framework/admin/options/js/of-medialibrary-uploader.min.js is loaded on the live site but not the test site. I am hoping that you can tell me what module in the framework adds this script to the admin area.


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    Jason Bobich


    It’s sort of difficult to tell you how this file gets included out of context. It depends on what Theme Blvd plugins you’re using and what page of the admin panel you’re specifically referring to.

    [edit] I see now you’re probably referring to the Edit Post screen. Are you using the Builder plugin?

    I have honestly never heard of an issue like this. This mediauploader system is originally taken from WooTheme’s framework, and is used in many scripts around the community (including the popular options framework).

    It’s a little outdated now since WP 3.5’s new media manager, but in searching google I can’t find anyone else that’s ever posted the same error. There’s got to be something special about your setup. Have you gone through the plugins you’ve got installed? I would think you might want to figure out what is actually causing the issue, opposed to trying to strip it out.


    Yes i thought it was weird as well.
    Basically i have two sites that are nearly identical which is why I was curious why the live site is including this file but the test one isn’t. Clearly I have something messed up and I was trying to see if how that file was being added.

    this is happening on the normal post/page editor. i can add a featured image but can’t get it added in the post.

    Thanks for trying though.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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