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Iframe On Top of Primary Menu Sub-items

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    When I place a YouTube video using WPs oEmbed directly on my Home page it blocks out my sub-menu items in the primary nav – like the z-index is higher. But when I add the video in a video slider using the TB slider plugin it displays correctly.

    Anything I need to do to get it showing correctly (smaller z-index than the sub-nav) without putting the video in a slider?


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    UPDATE: I just installed the plugin coz I need to hide the related videos anyway and it now displays with the sub-nav going on top like it should.

    The plugin description does say, “This plugin also adds wmode=transparent so that the flash object doesn’t overlap a modal window.”

    So I’m guessing that also helped with the nav items.

    Ervan Erfian

    Thanks for your info!

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