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icons-using html instead fo short code

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    Howdy jason,
    I wanted to use html instead of short code in a post. In the Aly demo you wrote:

    I have tried the following with no luck:




    No icon displays. Can you tell what I am doing wrong?
    Thanks, Mike

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    Jason Bobich

    Problem 1: You have .dev in your image URL’s instead of .com.
    Problem 2: The documentation you’re copying from isn’t right. It’s missing a “shortcodes” directory in the URL.

    Here’s the correct URL to one of the icons:


    Thank you Jason.
    I apologize I should have tracked down the directories myself. What initially through me a little was the curly braces in the example. I wasnt sure if those were required.

    The .dev is my local computers development site. I am using Destop Server from I test everything there first, including plugins before going to the live site.

    For old dimbulbs like me it works well. 😉 Easy to figure out and use. GREAT support! (like yours)
    It lets me go from local to live and back again pretty easily.

    Thank you, Mike

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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