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html5 document integration

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    Hi Jason,

    I understand that alyeska is HTML5 compatible. I have an HTML5 document containing an index.html file along with an assets folder. I want to embed the document into a wordpress page or post. The index file contains script calls, css calls an the body of the document, which obviously calls the assets.

    How do I embed this document into a wordpress page or post? Where do I put the script and css references and can I just paste the html inside other content that I want on the page?

    I have other html5 documents that I also want to integrate, each with their own assets folder, script and css calls.

    I apologize if this is not a theme specific question, but I am not sure if HTML5 adds any complexity to this.

    Here is an example index.html file:


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    Jason Bobich


    Just in general, to embed another webpage into another would be into some kind of frame, typically an iframe.

    When you do this, both documents are completely separate from each other. In other words after you embed the iframe into your content of the main site, whatever is going on within that frame and included document is completely its own thing. So for all of your scripts and everything to link up, you’d need the external website completely running at a different address and linked up there, if that make sense.

    In other words, you’re just setting up a standard webpage somewhere outside of your WordPress install, and then embedding it into your WordPress page as an iframe including the address to that webpage as the src.


    Jason, I’m sorry, I should have elaborated. I’m aware that I can use an iframe, in fact, that is how I am currently doing it, but we want to 1) get SEO credit for these pages/posts and 2) we intend to put some of this type of content behind a protected paywall and would like to use some of the wordpress privacy/membership features to do this.

    Is there a way to embed the html5 document into the actual wordpress page?


    Jason Bobich

    Not that I know of. You’d need to actually enqueue all of your assets into your WordPress site (i.e. through your Child theme‘s functions file) and embed your HTML markup in your page, as normal.

    There’s no real shortcode of plopping another HTML document in the middle, you know? If these assets are not in a separate iframe document, then it’s important to make sure they’re all enqueued into the WordPress system when loading the page, or you’re most likely going to get conflicts.


    Thanks. I was hoping there was an easier way.

    Thanks for your help.

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