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How to remove background image on new 3.0.0 theme

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    Hi Jason,

    I upgraded the theme, but for some reason the background image has remained from the previous version.

    I do not want a background image, I just want a plane colored background, therefore on the background setting page, I have left image blank, and set the color.

    BUT for some reason the old image (in wrong color) remains. Can you please tell me how I can remove the image ?

    Here is website URL ->

    Many thanks


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    Jason Bobich

    Hey Mark,

    Just do this in your CSS:

    body { background-image: none; }

    What I’ve tried to do is make this work more in the WordPress-intended way, where the theme has some background properties that are simply in the stylesheet, and if you want to override them, you’d do it from Appearance > Background, opposed to the mess before with the skin options and the 225 background images this meant you were uploading to your site when you installed the theme. In your case, this plan doesn’t work ideally but I think it’s a little more rare someone would just be doing a solid color without any background image, but I’ll see how things progress and what others run into, to see if maybe this is something that should be looked at. But for now simply telling the body to have no background image will do the trick.

    Note: Skin options were removed if you didn’t notice from this video.

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