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How to properly set a "A full-size image, with no alignment and no link."

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    On this page you show a “A full-size image, with no alignment and no link.” It spans the entire width of the browser even though the content area of the post is smaller.

    That same effect is also found in this post:

    I have inserted media into a post that is full-size, with no alignment and no link but I can’t recreate the full width affect. The image still displays within the post content container.

    Your image has a <figure> tag which I can’t seem to recreate.

    <figure id="attachment_5164" style="width: 1903px;margin-left: -551.5px;max-width: none;" class="wp-caption alignnone tb-img-popout">"A<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">A full-size image, with no alignment and no link.</figcaption></figure>

    What do I need to do in order to recreate the same full width effect inside a post like your example?

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    Jason Bobich


    First you need to be using Jump Start v2.1. Then you need to enable this feature. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Content > General. Select for full width content to be narrow. Then a second check box will appear to enable popout images.

    The figure tag is because the image has a caption (a core WordPress thing) but nothing to do the feature you’re asking about. Images don’t need captions for this to work.

    All working now?


    Yes. That is working well. I took it one step further and created a new image size of 1400×500 for this specific use case. Then, I filtered the class string to add “size-full” to take advantage of the full width image feature available from Jump Start v2.1.

    Thank you for your help.

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