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How to get rid of sub-indicator on primary navigation

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    Related to the Primary Navigation, i want to get rid of the fontawesome icon and not have any icon at all.

    I see this in the css
    #primary-menu li a .sf-sub-indicator {
    color: #999999; /* Because we’re using fontawesome for the icons, we can change the color here. */
    but when I look at the source code output in Firefox I don’t see a class=”sf-sub-indicator” anywhere.

    How is the icon being generated and how can I get rid of it other than changing the css color to transparent?

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    Jason Bobich

    It’s inserted from the Superfish plugin. You can find the call to superfish() in /framework/frontend/assets/js/themeblvd.min.js, which is the minified version of themeblvd.js.

    … You could always just hide it with CSS, too. You have the selector right there:

    #primary-menu li a .sf-sub-indicator { display:none; }
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