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h1 tag and breadcrumbs confusion

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    Howdy Jason,
    I am a little confused w/ regard to the tag how the breadcrumbs work.

    When for example creating a new page in wp interface I fill out the first line “Get to know Hibiscus By The Bay Condominiums” and that is them wrpped on the web page in the h1 tag.

    It seems like that data field also dictates what the breadcrumb is named. I am confused because then with breadcrumbs enabled when I read the web page I have duplicate content with the h1 title text just the below the breadcrumb and they both have the same content.

    It makes more sense to me to have the breadcrumb named the same as the text linked in the menu and not the same as the h1 data.

    That way there would not be duplicate content. I understand I can hide the breadcrumb. But i want in this instance to use the breadcrumbs.

    So can i have the data that is in the h1 tag be different the breadcrumb data?

    Or am I just being a lop ass and doing something wrong? 🙂
    Happy trails, Mike

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    Jason Bobich

    I’d say you’re over-thinking things a little bit. The breadcrumbs just show the breadcrumbs trail and then the title of the current page, which ends the breadcrumbs trail; it’s as simple as that. This is the same as you’re probably going to find in any other breadcrumbs feature of any plugin or theme.

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