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Great Framework

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    I have swagger and Alyeska so I knew Jumpstart would be good but this good?. Im a mid level (read avg) developer so i need a framework to get started.. All I can say is this is so much better than (Studiopress) Genesis. I can grasp the hooks and filters and option code for some reason easier. Plus I can have more options for content display when done without using so much code (just use the layout builder or post grid)..
    So You guys need to get the word out because coming from Woo themes and Genesis Hands down this is best framework I have used. I work for one nation wide corporation now and will add overtime this framework to each site in the network. . I get more done faster and when done I am asked to add content everyday. Fast professional display of content is a huge reason alone to get this framework..
    Tell your friends tell anyone..once they try it they wont go back.. I can even see doing a web app with this.

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Dan,

    Thanks! That’s great to hear.


    second that 🙂


    Well said Dan. Great work on the framework Jason!


    Me too, fantastic framework with excellent support! Thanks Jason!!


    Ok so far so good the flag ship site will remain Drupal for now but I have the go-ahead to do the mid-west site.
    I don’t read to much into this, I know for a fact that jump start will load faster and preform better once they see
    the mid west change out. Ive seen it, I did Alyeska site on a shared host a year ago..All I did was gzip it and some htaccess stuff for page speed..( no super cache nothing else really) It runs fast loads fast and its a bloated RE site with IDX..I was shocked when I tested load times a while back and I was like Hmmm this is good ..if I took Jumpstart and really cached it, CDN it, Nginx it, would blow doors could be a app .…Drupal has a lot of bloat..( no offense to Drupal heads) Plus it is way harder to run it, code it and even harder for staff like PDF people to use it.. So.. We will win in the end.. 🙂 Right?

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